The cost of open up borders: Spain #Spain #journey

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  1. The new NOT elected socialist-communist goverment wants ilegal inmigration, so they give them free shit for votes.

    The problem in Spain are:
    -All the mass-media is far far left wing. They even praise Venezuela.
    The 4 major parties:
    *2 of them socialiast-communist. Podemos it is a frenchise of the Bolivarian Venezuela and paid for Iran.
    *The other 2 are center or center right but totally scared about the Mass-media portray of the imaginary Nazi, xenophobe right.

    There is only a small party called VOX(a Split fro the center-right party) who defends the western christian Values and it is capitalist and libertarian friendly.

  2. This is progressive sheek, there's something disturbing about tourists fluttering around snapping pics, scarfing "new" foods and looking at the locals like they're museum exhibits while messing up the ambience with shallow energy and tours by rote. They come and go never staying long enough to be changed by anything. At least "refugees" perhaps only for economic reasons-(the American dream), have a deeper reason to come and stay. I think I get it maybe. Threre's whole towns without people in Spain but they are isolated. Are the migrants interested in putting down roots or sending money back home? Too much of a good thing too fast can be disastrous. Giving migrants the right to vote so soon is scary to me and seems like a strong move by the government against it's own native people- even if they agree. It happened in America with protests and fights both ways. Irish flooded in running from the potato famine and worked so cheap many lost their jobs. They even undercut the Blacks and attacked the Blacks saying they were taking Irish jobs away! There was no welfare state then like today so it was sink or swim- sinking meant starvation. Minimum wage didn't exist either. Good luck Spain- you got heart- hope you have the wallet to support such idealism.

  3. That was a great video. I loved it. As an American I have paid plenty of money to take care of every country on Earth, I have a question? Can Americans become refugees or is that out of the question? We have everything that those African immigrants are running from. The question is not for me because I certainly would refuse to leave this country but I know some other people that would benefit the nation if they would leave. If I could tell them someplace where they could take their entitled selves maybe they might leave.

  4. The European Union and your countries gov't are stupid. You will lose your culture with the take over of refugees/migrants. Get rid of your politicians and get your country back! you country man should love your country and prevent this. No more Spain if these African migrates take over. Bye Spain. AFRISpain – New country name.. American first. Trump 2020. You need a leader like my President USA President Trump that supports American first. You politicians need to think SPAIN First. Look at Poland, Hungary, Austria and Italy. When they call you Nazi, they are liars. The are leftist who have an agenda to destroy your countries culture. There going to call all Nazi who want to stop or preserve your culture. This was all plan by the EU. They want your country to be third world… Screw those Refugees. Screw your leftist govt. Send Refugees back to their country like Italy does. Its your govt and politicians that got a go. Italy changed gov't and the Italian people had enough. Hurry there will be no more original Spain after the migrants take over. The Spaniards are Self destroying SPAIN- -SAD thing..We here in American are slowly watch the destruction of Europe by the stupid EU and your countries gov't.. I hope Trumps pulls America out of NATO…..

  5. Barbara, Canadian male here. I enjoyed your take on this crisis. Is it just me, or is there almost a complete lack of any woman, or children, in the boats/ships that are loaded with illegal vagrants/migrants? What astounds me is that they honestly think they have some right to illegally enter the EU, abuse the charity of the EU, without gratitude and then, when in the EU, they illegally disappear. The EU has done it to itself. Open borders are not in the best interest of the EU or its member states. You should report on what our idiot Prime Minister Trudeau is doing. He is actually encouraging the illegal entry, in to Canada, of refugees. Canada has no open border with the USA, and vice versa. It works very well except for the leftist stupidity of our PM Trudeau. Anyway, you carry on. You are not racist, prejudiced, or a Nazi. Whomever thinks you are, are complete left wing idiots, with no capacity for individual opinion, or thought. The Spanish government is making a mistake letting these vagrants, in. I suspect Murkel has a gun to their head, or is promising bail out money for Spain, to shore up her short minded decision to open the flow gates to millions of unknown, non documented refugees.

  6. I do believe most reasonable people realize now that this cannot continue. You’re gonna have some serious Civil conflict sooner than you think and it will turn deadly at some point. This is nothing more than an invasion now and most people know it. So, time to turn it around, hunt these invaders down and deport them. Shut the ports down to any and all NGO ships and boats. If you don’t you’ll have Hell on your hands. Ain’t no Free rides in life and there never will be either. So, F Off all you socialists and liberals, you’re the reason why this world is in the God Awful Mess it’s in now.

  7. Is Spain a nation full of imbeciles?? They only had accepted 16,000 immigrants until the Aquarius ship so they have yet to feel the full horrific force of the invasion.

  8. Cheers from Hawai'i to my favorite Slovenian babe!

    I want you to continue making reports on individual nations. And I'm especially interested in the hate subscribers from Slovenia. Also, I want to know more about the resistance to this influx of destructive Africans and others.

    I hear all the time about people who say they welcome more refugees (madness), but I only hear a very tiny minority like you who have the courage to speak out about it.

    Thank you, Barbara, you're doing a great job.

  9. Dear Barbara,
    I'm Spanish and I'd like to clarify that you seem to be looking for some logic in the spanish people's thought process. Don't boder, there isn't any. After all, we are ruled by a Socialist Party (first clue) that no one voted and, there aren't any mass protests (there you go, another clue). Spain is basically under the influence of the same leftist weakness that seems to be affecting the whole Western World, a world which, by the way, is dying. We are now living the decline of the Western Roman Empire 2.0
    My only hope is that once the gang rapes and the machete attacks become fairly common and begin to happen on a more or less daily basis, the people will finally wake up. By then though, it may be too late.
    Anyway, this are the times we've been destined to live in. I feel like somehow I'm alive and walking among the undead, brainless sheep that not only walk willingly into the killing house, they embrace it with a smile on their face, telling themselves there will be no consequences and everything will be just fine.
    Poor bastards

  10. Upam da bo Slovenija čim prej stopila v Visegrad skupino. Kaj se dogaja v Evropi je čisto noro. Hvala za ta kanal Barbara. Kaj študiras?

    Živim sicer na norveškem in tukaj imamo tudi probleme z tujcem izven Evrope. Sorry moja slovenščina ni najboljša!


  11. I love the different countries of Europe. When I was young we had different but compatible cultures. The differences were exciting and we respected them. Thanks to Barbara for being Slovenian. The melting pot is not so palatable these days.

  12. We need to start take out these crooked politicians that don't like nationalism … If they can import illegal imigrants all over Europe , I feel your american allies should be able to import guns to our nationalist friends in unrecorded record numbers. Then we could take back Paris , London , and every other country in Europe. If Muslims can just do what they want it seems obvious that alitte finess could fix this.

  13. Just a note on Greece, Babs: We may have a borderline SJW government (still better than the previous one we had since the '70s, that should have been tried for high treason), but the people here are motivated by "help the underdog" more than "we want refugees". It's just that lately we've been more of an underdog than usual ourselves. It also does not help that the previous government has facilitated the rise of racist fucks like Golden Dawn.

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