The Burj Al Arab Tower Modeled in ArchiCAD Tutorial

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ArchiCAD Hacks:
Solid Element Operation tool is a powerful feature for modeling complex geometries by playing around with Subtract, Addition, and most importantly the intersection of two objects to create new shapes.

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  1. If you want indepth step by step training, we have The VDC ArchiCAD Simplified course: and the MSBIM ArchiCAD template: for you to improve quality and speed your workflow:

    Give your thoughts about this video, and suggest what should I improve to deliver more valuable content. I will be coming with another video soon inlined with this approach of producing complex design to test capabilities of ArchiCAD, maybe you guys suggest or pick buildings that you want me to reproduce next time.

  2. Thank you so much for the challenging tutorial that truly pushes both the software and the user to their limits. I encourage you to provide more tutorials it's a real help for me and to others I'm sure. By the way, It's a beautiful 7-star hotel that my family and I toured around for a half day when I was a 7/8 year old kid that lived in the Emirates.

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