The Boringest Video clip of Venice ever.

Boringest? Most Tedious? What ever, you were being warned.
If you watched the full factor, many thanks Mother.

We are not sweet-coating this factor, this what to see in Venice in one particular day online video is the boringest online video of Venice you can expect to see on the World-wide-web. But hey, at least there are some good sights of the canals. Snooze alongside with us as we traverse the canals of Venice, and get lost in the maze of Venetian streets.

Are you fatigued of the identical previous household films masquerading as travel movies. We are much too. Extensive B-Roll. Songs montages. Shakey camera footage and unnatural camera angles. A smattering of generic strategies and FYIs. This isn’t a Venice in a day tour online video, it really is a household film masquerading as one particular. So let us not get all fired up right here.

Sure, we are dropping all the pretense right here and contacting this what it is: a dull household film….with songs. Which is quite significantly it.

If you created it via the full factor, sorry. No refunds.


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  1. How could I not click on this video? Haha The water buses are definitely ones of best hacks in Venice. Was that terrace on the top of your accommodation? Looks cool! I remember google maps being awful in Venice, it constantly loses track of you in the small streets too

  2. Haha, love the honesty. I'm not sure what the demonstration was you guys were at where everyone was touching something in a pot of sorts, but that's the only spot where the kids looked really bored, haha.

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