The Best Things to do in Dubai

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Explore Dubai with Dave and Deb of The Planet D. Dubai has so much history for such a modern city so a visit to the old city is a must! After strolling through the souks, stop in a the Dubai Museum. Around the modern city The Burj Khalifa is visible from almost anywhere and the views are spectacular. The Palm, The Beach, The Marina, The Dubai Mall, and a trip out to the desert should also be on your list of things to do in Dubai. A flight over the city is a also a great way to take in all the sites from above.
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Welcome to Dubai
Hey everybody Dave and Deb here
coming to you from Dubai
and we’re going to talk to you about the
best things to do in this city
Yeah what are some of the things
you must do when you come to Dubai
well number one you have to
visit the Burj Khalifa
it’s the tallest building in the world
and you need to go up and see the city skyline from there
You should also make sure you get out on a scenic flight
this is the way to see Dubai
from the air you get a great sense
of the size of the city and you can
take in all the sites from a completely
different angle
yeah including The Palm which is a really
cool little district that’s built out in the middle of the ocean
thousands of people live out there
it’s truly an engineering feat
When you’re visiting Dubai
you really have to also go to the old city
it’s a really way to see what things were like then
and it was actually one of my favourite place in the entire city
you can get out on a water taxi and go into all the old markets
all the old souks yeah you get to see the
gold souk and the spice souk
and you get a real feel for what it was like
back before this became such a massive city
visit the Dubai Museum in the old city
it’s an interactive journey through Dubai history
you also have to get out to the desert when you come to Dubai
we did some dune bashing on buggys as well as
we got out to a conservation area
yeah and you also want to go to a Bedouin camp
and see some of the traditional dance and entertainment
and have a traditional meal
you know, Dubai is a modern city and it’s all about the future
but there is a very interesting past of the Bedouin culture out there
Now you also have to explore the city a little bit
you have to get out to the malls
oh yeah
you have to get out to the marina which is another great section
don’t miss visiting the marina when you come to Dubai
there’s a lot of restaurants and cafes a huge pedestrian walkway
and you can take a boat tour
and here behind us we have the pubic beach pretty cool
Make sure you get yourself to a roof top somewhere in the city
so that you can watch the sun set over the Burj
Dubai has the largest malls in the world
I’m talking it has ski hills, snowboarding, ice rinks, aquariums,
you can go diving with sharks if you want to
There’s water fountains with divers
they’re not your typical malls that’s for sure
you could really get lost in them and spend days and days in them
so it’s something you have to explore when you come here to Dubai
Well that was beautiful
if you come down to the Dubai Mall
make sure you come to the fountain and watch the waterfall show
it happens every half hour and it changes all night long
and it’s just simply stunning
so make sure to subscribe to our channel to find
more city tours around the world
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