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  1. Actually, the best German movies of all time are silent movies from the 1920s. Did you know that the German film industry of the Weimar Republic was a global player back then, considered by some critics to be even superior to Hollywood? I urgently recommend watching F.W. Murnau's "Nosferatu – Eine Symphonie des Grauens" from 1922 and of course Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" from 1927.

  2. you should check out hitler rants parodies here on youtube when you want to have a good laugh. They basically put funny subtitles on the bunker scenes, especially those where Hitler is raging. I'm always laughing my butt off 🙂

  3. Another excellent German movie dealing with Germany's recent history is Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's Oscar-winning opus, Das Leben der Anderen. It will give you an insight into how differently, for all it's worth, the two German states developed, as well as being a superbly crafted political suspense thriller of a somewhat different kind. "The film had earlier won seven Deutscher Filmpreis awards—including those for best film, best director, best screenplay, best actor, and best supporting actor—after setting a new record with 11 nominations. It was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 64th Golden Globe Awards." (Wikipedia)

  4. I, too, was going to suggest "Das Boot". Awesome! I saw the film you are critiquing and it is awesome! Another one I saw here in the states is not German made but is about an attempt to blow up Hitler with Tom Cruise in the film. There is also a documentary interviewing Hitler's secretary that is most fascinating as well.

  5. If you are also interested in recent German history, then you definitely have to see "Das Leben der anderen" (I don't know the English titel, perhaps: "The Life of The Others"). GDR history that you have to know if you want to understand the whole picture about Germany.

  6. I agree absolutly, that Hitler should be shown as a human, not as an idiot or a daemon; because you can not really handle deamons and you will in reality not meet a comic character. And you will also not be confronted with a yelling idiot.

    In fact Hitler has owned many books and there were found personal marks in many of his books. Stunning to me was a part of an old speach of Hilter as part of a collection of historical speeches. This speech part of Hitler was from the time of the Republic of Weimar, from a speech in the parliament. You hear a man with a calm voice with ironic humor.

    I do not write this to praise Hitler, but because it's better to have a realistic idea of things that might be happen.

  7. Nothing new here. You don't have much of a grasp of German cinema or culture. So, living in Schabisch Hall a few years and playing American football gave you such a deep insight into German culture? Really? Watch some of the movies recommended by Germans in the comments. Untergang does not even come close to movies by The Tin Drum or Fitzcarraldo or Alexanderplatz. Pretty lame effort explaining this film. You don't know much.

  8. NALF you nailed it! Great review. You are absolutely right. Nothing to add. 'Der Untergang' / 'Downfall' is a great and very authentic portrait of the last days in the 'Führerbunker'. The director and all the actors did a wundervoll job. Everybody should watch it to experience this claustrophobic feeling seeing it. You can really sense the tension in the bunker.

  9. "Aus einem deutschen Leben" – the film is about Rudolf Höss but in the film they use the Pseudonym Fritz Lang. Also "Der Vater eines Mörders" it is about the father of Heinrich Himmler.

  10. Btw, Bruno Ganz is indeed a great actor. Have you seen "Pane e Tulipani" ("Brot und Tulpen" auf Deutsch). Yes, the original is Italian, but with you having Italian heritage and all…if you ever want to watch a non-depressing film, lol. And maybe some German films that were not about WW2. There are centuries of other history as well!

  11. Funny how Americans are like "all guys in the SS were bad" while literally being there with their military that observed segregation like….you know who would have loved segregation between black and white soldiers? Hitler. And Nazis. I mean 1940-America was really not that progressive and big on human rights either. But we all know the Americans finally joining the war was more about stopping Russia (communists!11) than anything else, despite what people tell themselves today.

  12. I like your approach to "Der Untergang". What you (and myself) consider a virtue is the characterization of the persons as human beeings , including Hitler. But what you and me consider a virtue for many other critics of the movie was a provocation. They consider every movie about Hitler as a tool necessary to "educate" about the evilness of nazism . Even in other epic war movies from the german perspective (Steiner, Stalingrad, Das Boot and others) the good guys always are represented as small "rebels" against the system , which have always an "ugly nazi" to confront as "bad guy" in nazi uniform. Why the germans are "the bad guys" in Hollywood (and elsewhere) is something you can think about by yourself.

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