The 10 Worst Towns in Florida Defined


  1. Listen I’ve lived in both opa and Hialeah Opa is very dangerous but only if you go to the bad neighborhood, I lived in a decent neighborhood on a decent home and nothing ever happened so is not the city that’s dangerous it is just the neighborhood you go to. Hialeah is not bad at at tbh there’s never been any violence and I’m telling you because I’ve lived here my hole life and it’s totally safe it’s only the neighborhood you go to.

  2. I love Kissimmee. It's where we stay while visiting Disneyworld parks and other great places there. Many fine hotels, restaurants, parks, attractions. Never felt any danger there.

  3. Florida has the worst economy ever it doesn't take care of its locals everybody from the Northeast is moving down to Florida everybody from Florida is moving to Texas LOL

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