ten Very best Locations to Visit in Norway – Vacation Video clip

From its majestic mountains and popular fjords to its fashionable nonetheless picturesque cities, Norway is only just one of the most gorgeous nations in the entire world. Image-excellent landscapes beg to be explored by foot, vehicle, bicycle or boat. Irrespective of whether using in the breathtaking question of the northern lights or the summer sunlight glistening on a enormous glacier, Norway is a terrific adventure in any period. Here’s a look at the very best places to stop by in Norway:


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  1. It looks like i have seen Geiranger in this video. It is one of my fave place to visit. I actually visited this place 3x already. I can never get tired. To enjoy Norway….explore the lakes, mountains, fjords, and go to bars or pubs in the city….to drink some beers and listen to music on Friday and Saturday nights. Do't ever go during weekdays or Sunday nights, there are NO or very few people. Reminder…the drinks are very expensive, so be sure to drink at home first before going to the bars and pubs (not EARLIER than 00:00 midnight).

  2. How much money would you recommend to save up to go to Norway for about 10 days. Looking to do more active things and countryside things rather than exploring cities (which get expensive)

  3. Lysefjorden, lysebotn, kjerag, Preikestolen, oseberg ship, viking museums, harald fairhair's grave place outside haugesund, the 7 sisters under karmøy bridge, røros old town, sognefjorden, old railways and tunnels, lofoten to fish and so much more read what you want to visit before comming or else you will just stay in a city/town not seeing much

  4. If you visit norway you better have a lot of money and a car, camper or rv because even expensive doing that, but hotels aint cheap, travelling with train, bus, plane or taxi's aint cheap either, food aint cheap, fuel/gas is not cheap aprox 14-16nok/2 dollars pr litre of gas/fuel for even diesel so aprox 7 dollars for a gallon.

  5. I was born, grew up and studied in Oslo, and don‘t agree with the claims in the video. Oslo is dirty, a lot of terrible architecture, is massively plagued by vandalism and crime and has very little to offer, and still is very expensive. Run by incompetent and corrupt politicians who spend billions on destroying what was once a great city. Oslo isn‘t worth visiting unless you want to see how a rich country has managed to annihilate their once wonderful capital.

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