Take in Berlin – five Items You Have to Take in in Berlin #Germany #vacation

Berlin is the Money of Germany, but numerous of its most well-liked dishes aren’t actually German. Listed here we communicate about five factors holidaymakers, vacationers and readers to Berlin must attempt when they do stop by Berlin.
#1. Currywurst – Bratwurst drowned in Curry Ketchup
#2. Berliner Weisse – Beer blended with a fruit syrup
#3. Berliner Pfannkuechen – jelly donut that Kennedy created renowned by declaring, “Ich bin ein Berliner” which interprets to, I am a jelly donut.
#4. Take in Turkish or Greek foodstuff to enjoy some of the worldwide taste of Berlin.
#five. Some of the German favorites of Berlin. Eisbein, Kassler, Bouletten, kartoffelpuffer, and so significantly additional.
Filmed in Berlin, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

Conventional German Foods & What to Take in in Germany

German Sausages Explained

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  1. Ya gotta love it: standing in the center of beautiful downtown East Berlin, as was ("Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR") — the PERFECT spot for the Wolters World trademark opening, "Hey there, fellow travelers!".

  2. I am from Berlin.
    The Currywurst has 2 different sorts of sausages.
    The first is like a bratwurst, looks normal and is called a West Berlin sausage.
    The second is a so-called boiled sausage.
    She is not bottled in a sham, but the sausage mass was poured directly into boiling water and cooked.
    If you ask why: The GDR export pig intestines to the West and they had no more. It is called Ostberliner Currywurst.

    The Berliner is especially popular on New Year's Eve.
    There it is offered in different variants.
    Classic with jam but also with nougat, eggnog cream. Chance also with mustard, as a small prank

    The doner kebab was invented in the current form even in Berlin.
    It was initially a dish on a plate of salad and kebab. The Berliners were always very hectic and had no time.
    Kadir Nurman, who immigrated from Turkey, took the ingredients and put them in a flatbread so it could be eaten on the way.

  3. Hey Marc, we really love your Videos. In this case it’s very interesting to get a foreigners view on our own country. Unfortunately there is a huge more to explore in germany. We would love to show you around especially in the middle and northern / northwestern part of Germany. With kind regards, André and Marlena

  4. I'm a full blooded German an I learned to cook an bake many German foods from my grandmother an mother. Would love to see Germany my health does not allow me to travel but neat seeing so many things you show an mention now I know the culture of all the learning an recipes that feed a family cheaply,fill you up an are important to maintain your family very cheaply

  5. i actually tried currywurst, it was okay, little too sweet… but the one thing i fell in love with was the kiosk stands that would sell just the regular Bratwurst with brotchen and zwebeln (onion)… i wasn't really a fan of the other wursts, like the bockwurst, etc. the regular good tasting bratwurst was my favorite.

  6. Kebab is available pretty much everywhere in the northern parts of Europe, including the Uk. In Sweden (at least) you can get chicken kebab, and fallafel kebab as well, a kebabrulle (large kebab rolled up in a thin bread) and finally kebab pizza – for those moments when you can't make up your mind. There is even specialized restaurants who only serve kebab dishes like Kebabkungen (Kebab King) and Jalla Kebab in Stockholm.

    That beer looked interesting, missed out on that. I've tried fruit flavoured beers before and some of them were really good.

  7. ich bin ein echter richtiger Berliner but i'm not from the bakery !!! yeah first thing you can call a berliner also pfannkuchen and the second thing you can be a berliner to when you born in berlin

  8. A non-alcoholic beverage popular in Berlin is Club-Mate, a caffeinated tea based drink that is halfway between a Nestea and a non-alcoholic beer. You’ll either love it or hate it; I’m obsessed! You’ll mind it in most local convenience stores ☺️

  9. I was just in berlin, the famous currywurst place called curry 36 it wasn't good, basically Heinz ketchup on a brat with some curry powder butdid have a good one at a little side shop when I was in Langenhagen. This one have more like a weak bbq sauce on it.

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