"Spanish Superstitions" The Pale Tourist (NEW MATERIAL) Jim Gaffigan Stand Up #Spain #travel

You better like this video or El Diablo will get you! PALE TOURIST is NOW streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Check out Canadian American and Spanish American by clicking here PALE TOURIST: Tapas Moose Tourists Halifax Donair Rodeo Drake Story Asian American (Full Set)- Florida Man (Full Set)- QUALITY TIME: Marathons – Horses – Appendix […]

#Egypt #travel LUXOR IN 5.6K – 360° VR EXPERIENCE – IMMERSIVE EGYPT – معبد الاقصر

5.6K 360 VR Video of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt, shot on the GoPro Fusion. Edited using GoPro Fusion studio, exported Prores 5.6k and graded Adobe Premiere Pro. Everything shot on Protune. From Wikipedia: Luxor Temple (Arabic: معبد الاقصر) is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile […]

#Egypt #travel Egypt opens historic expansion of Suez Canal

Egypt has officially unveiled a major expansion of the water way. The massive public works project aims to increase the amount of traffic handled through the passage, and the expansion is expected to have a major impact on global trade and security. Alex Ortiz reports from the banks of the canal. source