The tallest developing to date. The Burj Khalifa, situated in Dubai (UAE), has a height of 828m (830m to the top of the antenna), with the top ground to 585m, with 163 flooring in complete and 58 elevators. This imposing developing was started in 2004 and completed in early 2010, at a price tag of […]

Dubai’s Burj Jumeirah : UAE New 550-Metre-Tall Skyscraper To Open up In 2023

Dubai’s Burj Jumeira : UAE New 550-Metre-Tall Skyscraper – To Open up in 2023. Dubai Holding LLC, the financial investment company owned by the emirate’s ruler, will develop an area near to its iconic Burj al Arab resort. Downtown Jumeira will include things like a 550 meter (1,640 foot) superior tower named Burj Jumeira, the […]


Online video from Singapore,wonderful town to se.I have not see at any time town that distinct and arranged.Recommended to take a look at Marina Bay Sands resort open up -for public readers and Sentosa island with Universal studios and wonderful seashores to chill out. Don’t forget you cant bring chewing gum with you its prohibited(incredibly […]

Eagle-Cam – Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab und die Palmeninsel Jumeirah in Dubai

Es ist wohl eines der bekannteren Gebäude auf der Welt, der “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai. Der rund 828 Meter hohe Wolkenkratzer war nun Schauplatz einer gemeinsamen Aktion von Sony und der gemeinnützigen Organisation Flexibility, die auf bedrohte Tierarten aufmerksam machen will. Hauptakteur der Kaiseradler Darshan, dessen Art bereits erfolgreich vor der Ausrottung bewahrt werden konnte. […]