Roger Federer

Roger’s renaissance: how federer reclaimed the throne

Roger’s renaissance: how federer reclaimed the throne Mackie McDonald – the earth No 321 – fires down a next serve. It’s a single of his far better endeavours, he thinks. But there is a single dilemma: Roger Federer is waiting. The Swiss, at the start off of his initial foray into teaching for 4 months, […]

[HD] Roger Federer Visits Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Has a Blast

World number two, Roger Federer, who went to the South American country for the first time as a professional tennis player, paid a visit to Iguassu falls hours before leaving. He had a wonderful trip there , as he later posted on his Facebook page- “Leaving Igassu falls now. Thank you so much for making […]

Iguazú Falls Splash!

On my way to Argentina on the Gillette Federer Tour, I experienced the pleasure to stop by the Iguazú Falls. The Falls span the border between Argentina and Brazil and are all over 80m higher and 3km large. An incredible experience – you must occur, see and come to feel (!) for yourself! resource