#Egypt #travel Best Medical Tourism 2020 – Cairo / Egypt

Egypt is much more than just a touristic destination. Do you know that you can now visit Egypt with a free air ticket? Yes, you can. Beyond the river Nile and the pyramids; Egypt is one of the best destinations for medical tourism. From all aspects you will benefit a lot. As for the professionalism […]

#Egypt #travel Giza's Ugly Secret – The Reality Behind the Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Egypt are located in the city of Giza outside Cairo. Most people tour in from Cairo to see the pyramids and leave the same day. However Giza has some hidden secrets that most visitors never see. Join me as I tour around the city of Giza after hours and see the […]

#Egypt #travel 2021 Guide to PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT and Sphinx – Avoid scammer Cairo GIZA

Top 3 Scams You’ll Run Into At The Pyramids Of Giza & How To Avoid Them The Egyptian Pyramids are a symbol known worldwide to the old and young alike. Standing majestically tall as a testament to the prosperity of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the pyramids welcome 14.7 admirers to their grounds every year.  To […]

#Egypt #travel Pyramids and Mummies | Educational Videos for Kids

💭?? Can you name any materials used for mummification? 👇 Answer in the comments below Ancient History is soo fascinating! 😮 it’s amazing that we know so much about so long ago! 😊 👉SUBSCRIBE TO HAPPY LEARNING! 👉Web site: 👉Follow us on Facebook: Recommended video: Simple and Complex Machines Hello Friends! Welcome to a new […]

#Egypt #travel Pyramids of Giza | Driving and Walking Tour

Pyramids of Giza | Driving and Walking Tour EGYPT Video Playlist ► 18 km from Cairo, large crowds: coaches, cars, hundreds of tourists, dozens of very annoying street vendors and the indispensable camels. We arrived on the Ghiza plateau, the place where the most famous pyramids are located. The moment of meeting thousands of years […]

#Egypt #travel 10 Most Impressive Monuments of Ancient Egypt – Travel Video

One of the world’s greatest civilizations, the Ancient Egyptians ruled over the lower reaches of the Nile for millennia. After a unified kingdom arose around 3100 BC, a series of dynasties and pharaohs built ever-bigger pyramids and temples before falling to the Roman Empire in 30 BC. Many of the massive monuments were dedicated to […]

#Egypt #travel Pyramids in Egypt Travel Tour Blue Moon Universe

#egypt #travel #pyramids The Egyptian pyramids are ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt. As of November 2008, sources cite either 118 or 138 as the number of identified Egyptian pyramids. Most were built as tombs for the country’s pharaohs and their consorts during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods. —————————————- Tags: egypt tourism,egypt tourism […]

#Egypt #travel [4K 2020] Pyramids of Giza, Egypt: 4K 60 FPS Walking Tour, City-break Travel Log

4k 3840 × 2160 60 FPS virtual tour / walking video in Pyramids of Giza, Egypt on 14 Sep 2020. FOOTPRINT 4K is a creative travel video platform that aimed to inspire people. With 4K videos going live every week, we ensures that every destination tapped by our team is brought out to the public […]