Berisi tentang perjalanan tour dari Yogyakarta ke Cairo, Mesir dan berkeliling di sekitar Mesir dari ke Pyramid hingga menyusuri Sungai Nil. SInggah di kota Sharm El-Sheikh hingga ke kaki Gunung Sinai. Singgah di berbagai tempat yang tercantum dalam Alkitab (Bible). Mengunjungi JERUSALEM dan BETLEHEM untuk napak tilas dari kelahiran Yesus hingga mengikuti jalan salib. Berakhir di […]

#Egypt #vacation New Clues on Who make the Egyptian Pyramids|The Revelation Of The Pyramids | 2020 Hd Documentary

About the previous couple decades, major discoveries have been produced on the quite website where by the pyramids had been developed. Genuine archaeological experiments have been filmed in serious-time, revealing historical techniques and solutions, unlocking certain tricks of these historical great builders. The Revelation Of The Pyramids. New Clues on Who make the Egyptian Pyramids|The […]

#Egypt #vacation EGYPT: Pyramids & Sphinx – Giza (in the vicinity of Cairo)

The Giza Plateau in Egypt incorporates the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, together with their connected pyramid complexes and the Great Sphinx of Giza. All were created in the course of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Historic Egypt. The web page also incorporates many […]

#Egypt #vacation The Revelation of the Fantastic Pyramids of Egypt – Documentary

The Revelation Of The Fantastic Pyramids of Egypt usually takes an in depth look into one of the seven marvels of the environment, the Fantastic Pyramids of Egypt. Riddle has encompassed these entrancing buildings for a substantial duration of time with speculations modifying from the rational to the peculiar. Anyway with in excess of quite […]

#Egypt #journey Could You Survive In Ancient Egypt?

Pyramids, the Nile River, and weird worms. The Lifetime Noggin gang journey to historical Egypt in this Deblocked Episode. View a lot more: “Trapped In Space” ►► Subscribe: | Get your distinctive Lifetime Noggin merch: Adhere to Lifetime Noggin! Instagram: Twitter: View Far more Lifetime Noggin: Survive Center Ages: Survive 2.5 Million Many years Ago?: […]

#Egypt #journey Destination Egypt | Nationwide Geographic

Egypt’s fabled pyramids are justifiably renowned, but there’s much a lot more to experience in this land whose ancient heritage proceeds to fascinate folks the world around. ➡ Subscribe: About Nationwide Geographic: Nationwide Geographic is the world’s premium place for science, exploration, and experience. As a result of their world-class researchers, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, […]