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We were literally on another planet driving through the Sahara desert of Egypt and sleeping in the middle of the White desert, it is a unique experience we highly recommend if you visit Egypt in 2018. We went through the Black dessert, the White desert and Crystal mountains where you get the feeling of being […]

#Egypt #travel What Did Ancient Egyptians Eat?

Western civilization, descended from the Greeks, has always been fascinated by the powerful and mysterious Egyptian culture and their seemingly strange behaviors. One of the things the Greeks were particularly interested in was the Egyptian diet. In fact, the Greek historian Herodotus spent an inordinate amount of time in his writings on Egypt tracing the […]

#Egypt #travel Netanyahu tours Egypt border, comments on planned fence

(21 Jan 2010) 1. Wide of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and military officials surveying Israel”s border with Egypt 2. Various of army officer briefing Netanyahu 3. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew) Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister: “We will close this border, it is possible and it is about to happen.” 4. Pan from Netanyahu at observation point […]


Natural Sound XFA The second largest Giza Pyramid, Chepron, will be reopened to the public in mid-July after nearly a year of renovation. Workers cleaned up graffiti, mended cracks and installed new lighting and ventilation systems. Three other tombs, from the fourth dynasty, will also be opened to the public for the first time since […]

#Egypt #travel Egypt – Mummies

Egypt reopened a display of 3,500 year-old royal mummies on Tuesday (1/3) hoping the remains of its pharaonic ancestors would help attract tourists scared away by Moslem militant attacks. SHOWS: CAIRO, 1/3 gv cairo museum security police outside museum visitors entering main gate tilt down to front doorway visitors entering museum sign for egyptian museum […]

Award-winning tour guide shares beauty of South Africa

(21 Mar 2020) LEAD IN: The coronavirus has hit tourism all around the world, including in South Africa. But one man who’ll be ready to greet visitors when the crisis is over is Benjamin Mpofu, who has been named best tour guide for Africa and the Middle East. STORY-LINE: One of Africa’s great beasts, almost […]