#Egypt #vacation Cruising The River Nile from Aswan To Luxor

okay so we landed in Aswan and started out our cruise tour from Aswan to Luxor in three times. We started out the working day by going to the Philae Temple and later checked in on our cruise Abide by ME ON INSTAGRAM @dishil63 Songs By: Soundcloud: Instagram: @fforame Youtube: supply

#Egypt #journey Luxor & Aswan- This is Egypt’17

As reported by the Egyptians, the finest journey you shall journey is… The kingdom of heaven is in you and whosoever shall know himself shall come across it. Luxor and Aswan are two metropolitan areas of historic ponder that will transport you to a fully diverse edition of your ownself. Talking of my journey to […]

#Egypt #travel Archaeologists unveil ancient Luxor tomb, open up shut coffin for to start with time

A beforehand unopened sarcophagus was opened for the to start with time on Saturday (November 24) as two Egyptian discoveries had been unveiled in Luxor’s west financial institution. The intact sarcophagus contained a perfectly preserved mummy of a girl named Thuya and dates to the 18th Egyptian dynasty. It was found earlier this thirty day […]