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Germany, how it is: Frankfurt am Major Town Tour #Germany #travel

Town tour to Frankfurt am Major – Germany Tunes: “Two Guitars” by Admiral Bob “Nanyang Journey (Instrumental)” by Ivan Chew “Go to Woman (Adilyn’s Mix)” by snowflake “WHEN THE SKY TURNS BLUE” by BOCrew “BECKFORDS & THE BOCREW” by BOCrew “Exurb” by Gurdonark All Tunes licensed less than Artistic Commons Attribution (three.) Appear and see […]

Q&A: Dreams, Journey Places, GERMANY, University #Germany #journey

Hope you appreciate! Theresia x Stick to ME: ⟡ instagram: _____ MY Daily life IN MUNICH: Intro ft. Hayley Alexis Ep. 1 – Maria-Teresa Patuzzi Ep. two – Nick Joesten Ep. three – Kia Lindroos Ep. four – Vanessa Carmen Ep. five – Esra Eren Ep. six – Daniela Goronja Ep. seven – Kpaou Kondodji […]

THESE Brand names & Products and solutions ARE Various IN GERMANY #Germany #travel

⤹Everything you want to know is here!⤵︎ Guess who’s back again with a Germany vs United states of america online video? MEEE!! Present day online video I go about some brand names/items that have distinctive names in Germany and the United states of america (and numerous other places close to the earth). I acquired a […]


⤹Everything you want to know is here!⤵︎ There are so many things that I am no longer used to since living in Germany….When I went back to the USA I was a little amazed that Germany doesn’t have this/that/as many as in the USA. Germany makes up for the lack of grocery baggers in overabundance […]