Inside The World’s Most LUXURIOUS HOTEL – 7 Star Burj Al Arab

A little tour around the terrace behind Burj Al Arab ————— Instagram: ———— My Main Camera: Most Commonly Used Lens: The Bokeh master lens: 2nd SHARPEST lens on the market: My 3 axis gimbal: My 2nd gimbal: Motion Control(Syrp Genie): My beautiful tripod: The on desk microphone: My On Camera Microphone: Small beast drone: source

Dubai Top Attractions – Visit the city from the sky with Seawings

Dubai Seaplane Tour – Visit the city from the sky with Seawings This tour offers you a scenic flight of 45 minutes presenting the major attractions of the city. The tour that I m presenting you today is the Seawings Silver Tour – a premium recommended tour for discovering all Dubai’s attractions. This experience is […]

Burj al Arab Hotel Fountain

The Fountain at the atrium in the Burj al Arab Hotel in Jumeirah Seashore, Dubai. Dancing fountains at Burj Al Arab atrium in Dubai. The foundation of the atrium with h2o fountain. Atrium entrance Fountain at evening Burj Al Arab. Burj al Arab Hotel If you vacation to the United Arab Emirates: Accommodations Dubai Much […]