Hugh Newman

#Egypt #vacation Baalbek Temple: Ancient Technological know-how & The Egyptian Link

Be a part of Megalithomania to investigate Baalbek and Lebanon in October 2018: Check out Aspect one In this article: and Aspect two In this article: Filmed on the recent Megalithomania/Khemit Faculty Tour, in element 3 of the collection Hugh Newman explores the key temple of Baalbek, searching at the quite a few concentrations of […]

#Egypt #journey Misplaced Know-how in Historical Egypt: The Great Pyramid with Nassim Haramein & Hugh Newman

An exploration of the Giza Plateau, seeking carefully at the Great Pyramid with physicist Nassim Haramein and megalithomaniac Hugh Newman. In the video they seem at proof of historic technological innovation and review the site to historic Peru. This was element of the Resonance Academy Delegates Method in Egypt in Oct 2017. Sign up for […]