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#Egypt #journey The Great Temple of Heliopolis & the Pyramids of Egypt | Historical Architects

In section a person of this two-section special, I looked at the shed tower of Letopolis, which not only stood of an astronomical marker for the constellation of Ursa Significant, also regarded as the Plough, but was also the web site of an historic observatory, where renowned astronomers, these types of as Eudoxus, discovered the […]

#Egypt #journey EASTER ISLAND, THE “Ultimate Household” OF THE GIZA PYRAMID BUILDERS?!

Curiously, the Easter Islanders and Incas, AND Ancient Egyptians AND SAMI of NORWAY, appear to have shared the exact terms and buildings approaches. Dr Charles Discoveries! : ✅ KHUFU could NOT be the identify of a king soon after all but the identify of a spirit or temple, or pyramid, as it accords with ‘Khivi’, […]

#Egypt #travel Touring at Egypt (Cairo-Alexandria)

Christmas holiday at Egypt.In this online video you will see footage from: -Previous Cairo and new -Mosque of mohammed Ali -Citadel of Salah al Din -Necropolis of Giza -Fantastic pyramid -The terrific Sphinx of Giza -Egyptian Museum -Nile Dinner Cruise -Khan al khalili current market -Roadtrip at Alexandria and so forth source

#Egypt #journey The Emerald Tablets and the Excellent Pyramid of Egypt | Historic Architects

Like the Shed Hall of Documents, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth are just one of the good enigmas of Historic Egypt. Scholars consider them to be a legend about the gods revealing mysteries involving the historical societies that survived the Excellent Flood. They are stated to be cryptic, containing the insider secrets of alchemy and […]

#Egypt #journey The Sacred Audio Of Ancient Egypt Tour: April 2019

(Audio by Erika Mermuse © 2017) – Join us on The Sacred Audio Of Ancient Egypt Tour II, April 6-twenty first 2019 that includes Guideline of Egypt Mohamed Ibrahim and Singer/Vocalist Erika Mermuse. ABBREVIATED ITINERARY Working day 1 Cairo- Welcome supper, Le Meridien Lodge (Saturday April 6th) Working day two Cairo- Giza Plateau, Pyramids, […]