⤹Everything you want to know is here!⤵︎ Here is Mike and I’s home 🙂 Welcome- Mi Casa es su casa X-sense smoke detector: Poster Store: Hayley_35 (save 35% off your poster purchase): Poster Store allows you to find inspiration with beautiful prints/color schemes for your space. My code is good for all posters (excluding frames […]

Region in Germany that is just as beautiful as Switzerland | Berchtesgaden #Germany #travel

Germany also has a fascinating Alps mountain range. Located in south of Germany (Bavaria), Berchtesgaden is one of the best that show case the beauty of German Alps. In the video you will find out some of the best places to visit in Berchtesgaden: The all-year-round Ice Cave, Lake Obersee, Hintersee and Königssee. If you […]

Trip to Germany!! GAPP 2018 #Germany #travel

Mein Austauschpartner aus Amerika hat mich in Bayern besucht, was wir zusammen alles erleben konnten seht ihr in diesem Video!! Fast alle Aufnahmen sind vom iPhone 6s, also nur mittelmäßig.. ⭕️Mein Austauschpartner: ⭕️letztes Video: ⭕️Mein Hauptkanal: ⭕️Dieser Kanal: ⭕️Instagram: ⭕️Snapchat: chaosmember ⭕️Twitter: chaos_basti ⭕️Mein Hauptkanal: ⭕️Dieser Kanal: ⭕️Instagram: chaos_basti ⭕️Snapchat: chaosmember ⭕️Twitter: chaos_basti […]

Germany Trip Recap June 2019 #Germany #travel

Had a blast in Germany it was hard leaving to be honest with you. We went to the following cities in Germany: Frankfurt, Schweinfurt, Wartburg, Wittenburg, Leipzig, Nuernberg, Berchesgden, Garmisch-Partenkichen, Dachau, Fussen, Schwangau, Eibsee, Grainau, Oberammergau, Munich,France- Paris, Normady, Caen. I am looking forward to my next trip already lol. Greetings to all from the […]

Travelling to Germany from the UK – 2020 Travel Vlog #Germany #travel

What is travelling like now? What has changed at airports? Is flying safe? Flying from London Stansted to Germany in 2020! My airplane travel vlog. Thanks so much to Pacamask for sponsoring this video: Subscribe to my channel for more Germany travel vlogs and worldwide travel tips: Check out my Travel playlist here: Check out […]