Top 100 Cities To Visit In Europe

The cities of Europe remain unmatched to the rest of the world! From the canals of Venice, to the Ancient ruins of Athens, it’s impossible to beat the history and architecture of Europe’s cities. I’ve spent the last few years traveling Europe and I want to show you my favorite cities! This video was months […]

Spain prepares for tourists but masks will be compulsory – BBC News #Spain #travel

Spain is preparing for a big rush of tourists over the summer, as Europe lifts its coronavirus restrictions. Spain is the top destination for UK holidaymakers and is likely to be one of many European countries which will be open to tourism without the UK imposing quarantine restrictions when they return. But travellers are being […]

Beating the Crowds in Venice

This year in Italy, when I comment to locals that I’ve noticed no decrease in crowds even with the slow economy, they say, “Yes, but spending habits are much different.” Many more tourists are blitzing in from cruise ships and cheap mainland hotels — meaning there are fewer overnights in hotels and fewer dinners sold. […]

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN SPAIN! Contiki Mediterranean Tour #Spain #travel

Hi guys, this is our first attempt to (vlog) document one of our trips. We apologize for the shakiness of this video. Spain is one the countries included in the Mediterranean Tour we booked from Contiki. We were able to see Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza… Find us on: instagram: @WILSON.BALLERAN instagram: @LA.MERC Music by Joakim […]

Venice, Italy | The famous places to visit

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy. This city consists of more than 100 islands and has no roads. It has canals which are used for commuting and trade. In the small canals gondolas are used while in the grand canal ferries (The Vaporetto – water bus) are used by people to travel from point […]