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Greece: Tourism – The Final Refuge | Created in Germany #Germany #vacation

Greece has been bailed out – for the time currently being. The EU and the IMF have arrive up with two aid offers incorporating up to 219 billion euros. But how will Greece spend again its money owed? The country’s economic climate relies seriously on tourism. This summertime the Greek islands have toted up 30 […]

Weimar – from Goethe to Gropius | Uncover Germany #Germany #vacation

Weimar is known as household to poets and philosophers. three.five million tourists a yr take a look at the metropolis in Thüringen to retrace Goethe’s footsteps. Among the the artists who left their mark on Weimar have been Friedrich Schiller, like Goethe a representative of Weimar Classicism, and the composer Franz Liszt. Extra Uncover Germany: […]

Italy: Cruise Trippers Unwelcome | European Journal

Venice is just one of the world’s most well known vacationer places. A great deal of locals say it really is way too well known – and are calling for a restrict on the numbers of day trippers. An average of fifty nine,000 visitors a day stop by Venice to see the outdated town’s intimate […]