Burj Khalifa

Comienza la construcción del edificio más alto del mundo

Los días de reinado del Burj Khalifa están contados. Los promotores de la Kingdom Tower, en la ciudad de Yeda, Arabia Saudita, acaban de anunciar que las obras para levantar este megarascacielos comenzarán el próximo 27 de abril. Si el edificio sigue lo planeado, será la primera estructura humana en superar el kilómetro de altura, […]

Dubai frame new sights of Dubai 2018

Dubai frame is located in Zabeel Park. The huge Body attributes a viewing deck on its upper framework claimed to present sights of previous and new Dubai! How resourceful is that! As announced back in November, ticket prices to be AED50 for grown ups, and AED30 for young children. The attraction is to have a […]

DUBAI Vacationer VISA | fourteen days and 30 days VISA |TRANSIT VISA Expense

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Beautiful Dubai Attractions

Beautiful Dubai Attractions,The global city of Dubai is the largest in the United Arab Emirate, with tourism and a western-style business model driving its revenue. Dubai boasts cutting-edge building projects, some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and first class resorts. The Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world, affords visitors an almost surrealistic […]