ITALKI’S EXCLUSIVE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE PROMOTION: Let’s talk about the countries which offer working holiday visa’s! I have been on a working holiday visa in both Australia and New Zealand so I have a lot of helpful videos on these countries regarding finding work, applying, extending, tax numbers etc. However there are a […]

SOUTH AFRICA – Soweto bike tour

South of Johannesburg is Soweto, a city developed as a township for black people under the apartheid system. Most of the struggle against apartheid was fought in and from Soweto. The name Soweto is an acronym from the first letters of the words “south western township”. Soweto was home of Nelson Mandela. source

The Best of Berlin (4K) – Reichstag Dome Tour & German Chancellery #Germany #travel

This is the Reichstag Dome Tour and German Chancellery segment of DIY Layover – Berlin and the host Charles Huang will visit two of the best free attractions. First being the Reichstag building, the home of Bundestag, the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany since the official German reunification ceremony on 3 October 1990. […]

Iguazu Falls Adventure in Argentina – Country #35 to Visit All Countries

Sign up to the Travel and Live Free Newsletter and receive monthly insider travel tips and stories and a free 10 Step Cheat Sheet To Travelling Around the World – In this video, you’ll see and see my adventures in Argentina which is my country #35 in my quest to visit all 193 UN-recognized countries […]

Backpacking Patagonia – Torres Del Paine, Working day 01

It’s the closing circuit hike for us in Patagonia Chile. And we are at the notorious Torres Del Paine National Park. We have five days to comprehensive the “W” circuit and it appears to be like like we will have some very good weather conditions and some undesirable weather conditions. Day of Hike: March twenty […]