Ostia Antica Guided Tour: Roman Empire’s “Best Preserved Town.” | ROME, ITALY | @Bianca_Valerio

Hailed as the Roman Empire’s ‘Best preserved town,” join Bianca Valerio as she takes you on a guided tour around Ostia Antica in Rome, Italy. Check out my ITALY PLAYLIST for more vlogs & guided tours: Come along for the ride by subscribing to Bianca’s YouTube channel! CONNECT WITH ME! Web: Bitchute: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: […]

#Egypt #travel Giza Pyramids and Sphinx tours Cairo, Egypt Tourism

No visit to Cairo is complete without seeing the majesty of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. With your own private Egyptologist guide to lead the way, you’ll enjoy personalized attention on your private tour of these famous symbols of Egypt’s ancient civilization. As this is a private tour, you can determine the […]

#Egypt #travel Joanna Lumley's Nile: Egypt | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Subscribe here: to be the first to watch more full length documentaries. Joanna Lumley embarks on a childhood dream to travel the length of the Nile river, from the Mediterranean to its source. In this first episode, she travels from (what is now a modern city) called Alexandria to Cairo. Whilst there, she visits Cairo’s […]

#Egypt #travel The People Allowed Inside Egypt's Pyramids (2002)

Secrets of the Sands (2002): Interviews with the people who have access to ancient Egyptian tombs, the contents of which have not yet been revealed to all. Subscribe to Journeyman here: We go to Egypt to speak to the men granted access to the country’s most closely guarded tombs. It seems that errors in previous […]

#Egypt #travel Were Egypt's Obelisks Ancient Resonance Structures?

The obelisks of Egypt are thought by most scholars to have been made by the dynastic Egyptians as markers of conquests and accomplishments. While this may be true of the carved messages on them, the obelisks themselves may be inheritances from a much older culture. Join us in April of 2016 and see for yourself: […]