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#Egypt #travel The Secret of the Headless Pyramid of Egypt | Historical Architects

SUBSCRIBE NOW TO House & Earth: In 1843, Karl Richard Lepsius visited Egypt and recorded a now-wrecked pyramid in Saqqara, catalogued in his work as pyramid variety XXIX (29), now typically identified as the Headless Pyramid as the Superstructure is now entirely wrecked. But the framework was at the time in use and the subterranean […]

#Egypt #journey Who HID the Pre-Egyptian &#39MAYAN&#39 Pyramid, Inside the Bent Pyramid?!

Hey if you preferred this: My Patreon! ✅ PATREON Hello everybody and thanks for viewing! We suggest that the Ziggurat is entirely a Mesopotamian strategy, (quite possibly influenced by Egypt/New Earth) and it’s superior to search to the MAYAN pyramids for what lies inside the Excellent Pyramid, and Bent Pyramid as this May well fit […]

#Egypt #vacation The Mystery of the Bent Pyramid of Egypt – Component 1 | Ancient Architects

NEW CHANNEL FROM Ancient ARCHITECTS: “Space and Planet” launches this month. You should subscribe now at Every pyramid of Egypt has its very own element of secret and intrigue but the Bent Pyramid is 1 that unquestionably captivates the creativeness. Situated in the royal necropolis of Dahshur, close to 40 km south of Cairo, it […]

#Egypt #vacation The Mummified Bat in the Bent Pyramid of Egypt | Historic Architects

NEW CHANNEL FROM Historic ARCHITECTS: “Area and World” launches this thirty day period. Remember to subscribe now at Whilst writing Element two of my Bent Pyramid unique, I came throughout a curious discovery of a box of mummified continues to be inside of the pyramid. Of course, there is a minimum some type of burial […]

#Egypt #journey The Great Temple of Heliopolis & the Pyramids of Egypt | Historical Architects

In section a person of this two-section special, I looked at the shed tower of Letopolis, which not only stood of an astronomical marker for the constellation of Ursa Significant, also regarded as the Plough, but was also the web site of an historic observatory, where renowned astronomers, these types of as Eudoxus, discovered the […]

#Egypt #travel A Magic formula Entrance Into The Fantastic Pyramid of Egypt? | Historical Architects

The Fantastic Pyramid is the grandest framework of Historical Egypt, a monument that has lasted for thousands of many years, yet the civilisation, technology and language of the pyramid-builders has disappeared and we are remaining to piece jointly a heritage that will always be incomplete and complete of inconsistencies. But when we strip every thing […]