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Mähdrescher Fendt Suitable 8 – 10,7 m on Tour in Germany – new massive merge harvester wheat harvest 2019 #Germany #vacation

Bei Salzwedel wurde der neue Mähdrescher Fendt Suitable 8 mit 10,70 m Schneidwerk von der Agravis Technik-Heide Altmark aus Winterfeld vorgeführt. Mit auf dem Feld war der betriebseigene Fendt Mähdrescher 9490x und der Schlepper Fendt 927 Vario mit Annaburger Umladewagen HTS 22.sixteen. Gemäht wurde Weizen. Diese Erntemaschinen können u.a. Raps, Weizen, Triticale, Roggen, Gerste, Mohn, […]

Mark Blanton Talk On Leaving US For South Africa & Need For The Diaspora To Return

Mark Blanton joins us from South Africa to share what built him want to leave the US. Mark and his wife designed The Genuine South Africa tour company. The company is even partnered with the South African tourism board. Hosted by Phillip Scott Ahead Us News Tales news@africandiasporanews.org Be a part of our Channel Membership […]

This is Germany! 4k.德國介紹 #Germany #vacation

Germany is an incredible European place. We commence from the capital Berlin and admire its breathtaking organic landscapes and remarkable cities from north to south, everybody will be shocked! This is the greatest spot for German vacation, cost-free vacation, and it truly is uncomplicated to get to know Germany and broaden your horizons. resource