Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings | The Daily Show #Germany #travel

Michael Kosta heads to Switzerland to find out how the country can have so many guns without having a mass shooting crisis like the United States.

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  1. the swiss have mandatory military time so they learn to not be scared of guns american doesn’t so they are scared and want to ban them on top of that americans glorify guns if you carry one your a bad guy so naturally people who want to do harm seek to find a gun. another thing is the media spreading freer of guns

  2. So for all the people saying there are more people living in the US equals more mass shootings: I calculated it for ya.
    The US do have approximately 38 times more inhabitants than Switzerland. Switzerland has had one mass shooting in 19 Years. If you divide the 19 years by the 38 times more inhabitants you get half a year. That means, that there should be one mass shooting every half a year in the US to match the number of mass shootings in Switzerland by population. Yet, there is a mass shooting every 17 minutes… You got a problem my dear Americans, don’t lie about it 🙂

  3. Like all well educated people religion is something they practice or dismiss as nonsense, but they keep their views to themselves..Sadly in the US religion was weaponised especially by the Likes of Trump, and as Mary Trump his niece said it was all an act ,fake religion..I never met anyone in Switzerland who asked my religion..

  4. And the best thing:
    If everybody respects those and other rules, you've got civilization. That's an environment so safe that private gun ownership is pretty pointless…

  5. Because everyone has a gun, Literally almost the entire population has a gun, If you try to Rob someone, the person you're trying to rob mostly has a rifle Oh, and there might be a chance where the neighbor also has a gun, and the neighbor neighbor has a gun And it just keeps on looping…

  6. I’ll add a relevant fact: Switzerland is a completely homogeneous country with strong family values. America is incredibly diverse and treats family like the worst inconvenience imaginable. Americans hate their families, and consequently grow up with psychological damage as a rule. It just depends on how severe the issues are.

  7. In our country ( Malaysia ) , you can only see the people such as police, bodyguards and army personnel carry the guns. Nobody without a gun license is allowed to own a gun . It could ended up withh death sentence . Even airguns are not allowed .

  8. Unlike Switzerland the Liberals don't want to create laws that would prevent murderers and thieves from obtaining guns instead they believe in all out ban of guns….Say UK? These rich celebrities like Trevor Noah don't have to worry about protection he's rich enough to hire it. Kamala Harris and most of the liberal party hate AR15's but if you see the people protecting them at political rallies the security is armed with AR15's. For a normal person like me who is 5'5 tall Asian male who experiences racism from both white and black, discrimination, segregation on a constant basis, the only thing stopping someone from hurting me, my children, and non English speaking parents is a gun.

  9. The thing with swiss nazis or other nazi is that it looks better at a certain time in a certain context. If they were to have more minorities and the white Finnish expats like the gun trainer in the video didn't had financial backup, they would be more angry. Temporary status quo makes people look more civilised , more superior, till you turn the tide. Then you will see maniaks and mass murderers. Comparing apples and oranges in this video

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