Sui Bian Guo (Candied Green Plum) 15pcs Share Pack OFFICIAL CERTIFIED PRODUCT #traveldeals

“this is not a laxative”

if you would like your insides to feel like a rendition of through the fire and flames on x2 speed, this is the product for you.

will give you a whole new outlook on life.

Drink plenty of water after taking Sui-bian-guo for whichever purpose.
Do not take Sui-bian-guo when pregnant or during breast feeding.
Do not use when nausea, Abdominal pain or Vomiting are present, or if you develop Diarrhea.
Do not use if Sui-bian-guo bag seal is broken or open during transportation.
Sui-bian-guo is not suitable for Children under 2 years.
Sui-bian-guo is not suitable for people with severe peptic ulcer.
Refrigerate Sui-bian-guo after opening or half eaten.
Keep Sui-bian-guo away from direct sunlight and humidity.

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