Stop by Savannah – five Love & Hates of Savannah, Georgia #Germany #journey

The Hostess Metropolis of Savannah, Georgia Has Numerous Things for Holidaymakers & Tourists to Love, from the numerous squares, Forsythe Park, Historic Residences, Ghost Excursions, Tybee Island’s Beach locations, Incredible food and folks and so substantially more, but there are some items folks really don’t like about Savannah, the crime, the oppressive summertime heat and really don’t get me started out on the palmetto bugs. five Things You Will Love & Detest about Checking out Savannah, Georgia.
Filmed in Savannah, Georgia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

The Hates of Checking out Savannah:
1. The oppressive summertime heat and humidity.
2. The crime degree in Savannah
3. The amount of money of holidaymakers that pack the city that really don’t know how to travel about the squares.
4. The Palmetto Bugs & Sand Gnats that get pretty frustrating.
five. Savannah is not the “Inexpensive” South.

The Loves of Savannah
#1. The Savannah Environment & Architecture
#2. All the items to do and see in Savannah
#3. The Persons of Savannah make it amazing.
#4. The Southern Food & Appeal you experience in Savannah
#five. The climate that you can get pleasure from the entire year (other than when it is oppressively very hot and humid)

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About the South

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  1. I went to SCAD and lived there for five years, and have visited several times since I graduated. It is necessary to mention the crime up front. Every major city has crime, but the weird thing about Savannah is the actual city itself is tiny, practically the size of an old Grand Theft Auto map. That means your never all that far away from a bad area or shady people, and neighborhoods can go from good to bad within a couple blocks. Just hearing gunshots during the daytime my freshman year was a huge culture shock for a kid from the suburbs. I ended up getting car jacked at gunpoint my senior year, had my car broken into twice, almost had some random violent encounters with aggressive strangers on the streets, and some students were mugged, assaulted, raped, and a couple murdered during my stay. It didn’t help that us students were often living in ‘transitioning’ neighborhoods, read ‘the hood’, were rent was cheaper but danger was increased. In every way possible, but above all economically, Savannah is extremely segregated. SCAD makes it seem ‘multicultural’, but really there’s a largely upper class international student body, an upper class white old money and retiree population, and a large black population living largely in poverty. This creates obvious tensions that can make themselves very apparent quickly if your unlucky. Of course, most tourists probably won’t see or experience any of the bad stuff, but if you actually live IN the city itself, keep those eyeballs open, not looking down at your phone!

  2. I live in Savannah.
    1.) Those sand gnats when they bite it will itch for days if you don't treat it, keep some Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer handy and apply as soon as possible. I've used toothpaste it worked but not as good as Anti Bacterial hand Sanitizer. OFF Repelant does not work on Sand Gnats

    2. The locals have a nick name for those Sand Gnat bugs, 'Assholes with Teeth', you will find out why when one of them bites you. They are small, like 7mm lead pencil size in diameter. You won't see them, but you sure as hell will feel them when they bite.

    3)The Sand Gnat team name changed to the Savannah Bananas.

    4.) If you're here with your family, NEVER stay later than 10 pm at City Market unless you enjoy annoying drunks, homeless drunks, random fights, and a host of other weird… stuff.

    5.) Most people are very friendly, but not everyone is. Keep that in mind

    6.) Mrs. Wilkes Dinning Room does have the best food & atmosphere for family style dining, but get there early, the line is long every day.

    7. Vinnie Van Go Go's Pizza is good, not great

    8. The best REAL Southern Fried Chicken is a hole in the wall place called Lil Chick, open 930 to 4:30 mon – fri only. Nice people great food (located on 2901 W Bay St, Savannah, GA 31408)

    9. Tybee parking isn't free, but it's not expensive, $2.00 per hour, the beach is okay. Coligny Beach in SC about 1 hour away and is a lot better, FREE parking, seasonal small shops in same area, worth checking out for a day trip. May through Sep most shops open, off season months very few open if any.

    10. Pooler GA has a lot of Restaurants and is about 15 min from downtown Savannah via Hwy 95. Sam Snead's Tavern for example, is worth checking out, great food, great service.

  3. The five things I hate about savannah ga is 1. The trolley companies old town trolley are not locals but they advertise that they are there offices are in sanfransico florida DC and others
    2. The horse carriages there slow they stink and some are mistreated
    3. Paula Dean's restaurant the food is high priced and not always good
    4. The heat
    5. The uber's and Lyft's

    The 5 things I love about savannah ga
    1. Savannah pedicab these guys are pedaling people around there cheap but please tip them really well they dont get pay checks at all it tips also they have the best history tours and ghost tours in the city by far and they can help you with info and etc and last there locals there company just celebrated the 25 anniversary so come and show them your support
    2. The beach
    3.the food and drinks
    4. There beauty
    5. The kindness of the locals

  4. I lived in Savannah for many years.  Totally ruined by Midnight in the Garden….. etc.Totally ruined by the waterfront restaurants which were not there when I lived there.The city now is full of sick swine. Ugh. At least I lived there in the 50's when it was truly beautiful.Just watch this guy. I rest my case.

  5. I am in NEED of that Warm Southern Hospitality, because the people here in Shiteattle, Washington and all its surrounding areas, they HATE, yes, HATE YOU for breathing into existence. How dare you to live???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that Saying that goes "They Are Only Out for themselves" is taken to a Higher level here in Seattle Metro Area. Meaning: Someone who is Selfish and Cares Only about themselves and Doesn't Consider Others. And Washingtonians are Mighty PROUD of being Selfish, Arrogant, Racists and Prejudice Antisocials, as much as they Are Proud to be Americans.

  6. Yeah, The Bugs is a problem in that Kind of Weather, that's Exactly what I would Call them, FLYING COCKROACHES, and the They Do Scare the JESUS OUT OF YOU. They have them in the Dominican Republic and the huge Mosquitoes too. And that HEAT with 100% Humidity.

  7. I like how he mentions SCAD – that’s kinda the whole reason I’m looking into Savannah in the first place. My Dad had learned about that school through one of his colleagues and suggested it to me as a possible method to, like, y’know, get my life together…
    I suppose I could look into other art universities…

  8. I'm from Atlanta I'll call Savannah my second home I love the city and Tybee I've been to Pulaski so many times I could tell you all about it I work for the day OT and help build a new bridge I used to go to River Street when they only had two clubs it is a marvelous place

  9. Use a debit or credit cards and you will pay through the nose. For a month around St. Patrick Day, prices will triple or quadruple. If the wind blows from the North-east, wear something with sleeves and a vapor barrier.

  10. I've seen alata videos about alata places. I've created a few myself. I've never seen the enthusiasm and the 'realness', as well as a great and realistic balance of what's good and what's not so good as I see in you. Great video. I love it. Did I mention I'm from Savannah? Don't matter. Whether I'm from Savannah or not, you alright with me. Great job. L

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