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‘Follow me’, the new promotional movie for Spot Germany, puts the focus on contrasts to show that Germany is the best travel location. The sights and attractions, the various charm and the contrasting culture of all 16 federal states are featured, demonstrating that in Germany the standard and the contemporary go hand in hand.

Der neue Imagefilm zum Reiseland Deutschland „Follow me“ zeigt anhand von Kontrasten, dass Deutschland das perfekte Reiseland ist. Die 16 Bundesländer werden mit ihren jeweiligen Highlights in Ihrer Vielseitigkeit und in ihren Gegensätzen präsentiert. So wird sichtbar, dass in Deutschland Custom und Moderne selbstverständlich und gleichermaßen gelebt werden.


Inventory footage was utilised for 95 for each cent of the movie (company: Bausenwein & Strohmaier, Frankfurt), and the accompanying keep track of ‘Follow me’ is by the French musician Jérôme Amandi, a.k.a. Talisco.

Der Imagefilm wurde zu 95% aus Stockmaterial produziert (Agentur: Bausenwein & Strohmaier, Frankfurt), die Musik „Follow me“ stammt von dem französischen Musiker Jérôme Amandi, bekannt als Talisco.

The GNTB is demanded to comply with the procurement policies for general public sector organisations when awarding contracts. These contain, in particular, quite stringent restrictions on the placement of merchandise and themes, and on covert promoting in the movie/movie to be produced.

To help the GNTB to comply with its statutory needs, the agreement husband or wife undertakes to offer the GNTB with a list of all merchandise and themes that can be recognized in the movie. The GNTB may possibly desire that the appropriate sequences be slice or edited to make them legally compliant.

The agreement husband or wife provides an assurance that this sort of placements are inadvertent and that he or she has not received any revenue or other thought for their inclusion.


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