Specialized Levo SL Launch From South Africa | EMBN Show Ep. 110

Steve is in South Africa for this weeks EMBN Show, chatting to Marco Sonderegger, Joe Buckley, Jan Talavasek, and Dominic Geyer about the launch of the new Specialized Levo SL ⚡️

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Blake and Chris check out the latest E Bike news, including an updated YT Decoy with 29 inch wheels, and all of your submissions to the bike vault.

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  1. 7:50 What we are always after, Steve; "honest answer is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$".
    I purchase any "other" bike out of principles!
    & after listening to their BS marketing plots for more pieces of the pie, i will happily give my hard earned penny's to the competition!

  2. Bit tired of all the hype about this bike. I love the lightweight concept, but this bike is alarmingly expensive and is poorly executed IMO. Shorter chainstays + short reach = hard to keep the front down on climbs. Climbs is what riders want an e-MTB for so why make a bike that doesn't climb well? In New Zealand the base model, the Comp, is $10,500 NZD. for $3,000 less I can get a Trek Rail 7 with better fork, drivetrain and brakes. Oh and the battery is removable in seconds. Top of the line Trek Rail 9.8 is $9899 NZD, but the S-Works Levo SL is $20,300.The Specialized is unaffordable, and just not really that good. Ground-breaking? This bike will only break your mortgage

  3. Super nice! 2 weeks in a row on the bike vault this time My Haibike Xduro Allmtn makes it big! Having said that, Blake thinks I'm totally uncool with My kickstand…. Classic! Cheers chaps! Stonking show, again!

  4. Its a bloody stupid price with no relation to real world riders ……. UK £11000 is a staggeringly ridiculous amount of money, the mark up profit on this must be quite significant – at this price point such bikes are play things for those with money or large salaries and are specifically produced so those who can afford them do, in the same way as other status or image symbols such as designer clothing, expensive watches and so on – it is much more about the image of the person than the product, hence why Apple charge over UK £ 1000 for many of the new iPhones and so on – in societies obsessed with brand and image, I notice cycling whether road or MTB is no different – I wish you would concentrate more on real world priced bikes, that e-bikes seemed to be ridiculous priced

  5. I don't get it. Why not keep the power in case you need it and stick a 400wh battery in a turbo levo, that would save 2 kilos at least. Also, 2.3 inch tyres is a bit of a swizz on weight. Seems like a upgrade in price and a downgrade in bike imo

  6. That bike isn't bridging a gap for anybody, the base spec one is a terrible spec for the money and the top spec one costs more than some brand new cars. Another unnecessarily expensive bike from specialized.

  7. The spec vs price is rubbish. Take the £6k model … Rhythm forks .. duh. They also do not list the weight for the lower spec models. My guess is that they will be similar weight and much lower spec compared to the competition like YT. It is not about price for me but Value for money !

  8. I like what Specialized is doing with this ebikelite, akin to a 125cc motocrosser, I'd say. But I'm with lots of fans in wondering what's up with that price, who can afford these prices? No knock, spend it if you have it, but I can only window shop at Tiffany's. Thanks for the show, as always, and now I'll ponder this new term Steve coined: A non-ebike. That's deep.

  9. I just bought a 2019 WR450F, guess I should have bought a TTR125 for it's lighter weight, smaller engine. LOL, so many gimmicks in bicycles these days.

  10. I'm not sure why there making a big thing of the SL.its not ground breaking.
    Any one remember the zesty e from last year.if you want a ebike 35nm is nothing.and if you're argument is they want a better workout.turn the motor down or off .no doubt in true specialised manner they will sell you less for more money.

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