Spanish Tour 2018 Trailer – Superduke VS Tuono #Spain #journey

We’ve just returned from an epic trip to Spain using back again through the Pyrenees / B500 in Germany and back again to Blighty. There will be a collection of movies from this trip but to damp your urge for food this is a little taster.

1800 miles covered in three and 50 percent times, my arse is however sore now!
Team LCR merch now offered through Teespring:

Filming Equipment employed:

Digital camera Most important – GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
Secondary’s – GoPro Hero 4 Black –
Intercom – Sena 10c / 20s –
Drone – DJi Mavic –
Details Logger – SpeedAngle
Helmet microphones – Sony ECM-PC60 –
My Garage Equipment:

Trailer – MotoLug (
Bicycle Carry – Abba Sky Carry (
Battery Pack – NocoXGrid XGB12 (
Bicycle upgrades – Blade:
Speedy Shifter –
Repsol sticker package –

Bicycle upgrades Super Duke:
Crash safety –
Carbon sections – &
Carbon Wheels –
Airbox tunning –
Steering Damper –
Tuning –
Suspension upgrades –
Clutch slave – www.oberon-general
Tyres –
Using Gear

Summer time Gloves – Furygan FitR-R 2
Race Boots -TCX RT-Race
One particular Piece Race Suit – Richa Francorchamp

Black Leather Jacket – Richa Detroit

Leather Trousers – Richa Monza

Vest –
Textiles – Dainese Cyclone jacket
Two piece leathers – Dainese Assen go well with
Touring Boots – Dainese Torque D1 Gore-tex
Winter season Gloves – Dainese Universal Gore-tex
Kevlar Denims – J&S Red Route Extend Denims
Additional from Lambchop Rides on:
Instagram – lamb_chop_rides

Thank you



  1. Just when I thought it was safe to do the Andorra run chops puts out a trailer for the Spanish Tour with the theme to his favorite kids show! So let play alternative TV show names with Chop or Chops in the title
    Goodbye Mr Chops,
    Chop Rodgers in the 25th century,
    Play your Chops right : )

  2. Can’t wait to watch that Chops. Loving the music but now thinking what other theme tunes from back in the day you got in playlist. Little house on the prairie, the Waltons?

  3. Looks great. A must see! What kind of luggage rack do you have on the Tuono? I've just bought myself a 2016 and planing a trip to Scotland. Is the bike better with that exhaust? PCV installed? 🙂

  4. Oooooh, looks crispy & tasty with these two amazing machines !!! Can we expect some feed backs about the mods you've done on you're beautiful 1290SDR after passing hours & days on the saddle ? Ride safe. V

  5. Hehehe! I've had The Littlest Hobo theme in reserve for ages…Won't be using that now! Great choice tho mate 🙂 Looking forward to the adventure Chops. Crack on!

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