Spain welcomes back British tourists despite Foreign Office warnings – BBC News #Spain #travel

Spain has re-opened its tourism sector, welcoming British holiday makers without any need to go into quarantine.

The Spanish government said the decision was taken “out of respect” for British people who have a second home in Spain and are keen to visit.

However the UK Foreign Office currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Damian Grammaticas in Alicante.

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  1. Sounds like a Gibraltar issue though… Let's hope for a smooth and pleasant outcome for the parties involved!

    @MyselfOneIII On Twitter
    Current Location : Virginia Beach, Virginia – Earth

  2. My problem is I feel worried someone nearby might sneeze at anytime.I think you really need to be detached from reality to enjoy a holiday in this marvellous time of our miserable lives.

  3. U can choice to die or enjoy life even in hard time
    If u stay at home no difference with a dead person under a grave yard.
    Take life easy and live simple ,remember u are god and u have powerful energy inside u can move u where ever u want to go .
    Destroy all fears

  4. We are all doomed. Nature will decide who lives. We brits are especially bad at following any rules implemented for our benefit. All travellers have no travel insurance and wl be the first to moan if a medical repatriation flight costs hundreds of thousands. I despair, mother nature will win any battle, humans are dumb animals compared to her.

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