Spain Vlog Working day one & meeting my girlfriend! // VLOG 02 #Spain #vacation

I utilized to generate down all my vacation reminiscences in a journal, but I’ve determined that visual reminiscences are more memorable, and easier to share, so I’ve determined to check out a Spain vacation vlog. This is Working day one of the Vlog!

Comply with me as I vacation to Spain to meet my girlfriend, ahead of heading to Pamplona, Spain to get prepared for the jogging of the bulls.

The very first quit was at the Lounge at Gatwick airport in London. Up coming on the Spain Vlog, I was reunited with my girlfriend from Gothenburg, Sweden. We we’re meant to catch an overnight bus to Pamplona right after landing in Madrid, but things you should not generally convert out as planned! View more of the Spain vacation vlog to see how we finally got there!

Comply with us live as we vacation by means of Europe:

– “Stakes is Substantial” by Dela
– “Forest” by Luvian
– “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.

I reply to ALL responses and questions beneath, so please depart a single and I will get again to you ASAP!


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  1. Hello Evan, greetings from Pamplona. Thanks for an interesting video telling us about your LA/PMP trip. I sort of love and hate my city, it has lots of little secrets to offer although at the same time is Cartesian, clean, bourgeois, conservative, grey, boring and unique for multiple reasons. I ran away from town every 6th of July and I don’t return after it is all over and the city is back to normal. I usually do not recommend foreigners to visit town during this period but they seem to love it. San Fermin is not a party to look at it, you have to dive into… And to end my comment a piece of advice. Please do not wear flip flops in San Fermin mainly for obvious security reasons and secondly it makes you look foreign and it is better to fit it. The other thing I would like to tell you is that it is forbidden to run the bulls carrying electronic devices and filming. You endangered yourself and others . Please keep in mind that there are rules and Police are keen on enforcing these regulations. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Lovely videos. Take care. Saludos from Pamplona

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