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  1. Love the orange nails! I live in New Orleans and we have a lot of places to hang out, eat, and drink outside. Yall should do a met up in New Orleans
    My goals are to get a new car, start a you tube channel, and met a nice Lady. Just got my new car Saturday-2019 Dodge Challenger 392 T/A ScatPack now I need to accomplish the other 2. Love your videos, your style, and your ending! 🙂

  2. I lived in Argentina for a few years, so being local helped a lot and being able to ask questions. But I wasn’t very confident still so listening to music, watching movies, and reading books in Spanish helped even more.

  3. Native Spanish speaker here. The best thing you can do is master the sound of each letter in the Spanish alphabet. Unlike English, you can easily read in Spanish once you master letter sounds because Spanish letter sounds are consistent. "Sounding it out" is a solid strategy at this point.

    Duolingo is the best free resource, but you'll need something else (like that tutor) to accelerate your learning. I highly recommend downloading the Duolingo app regardless. I've been using it for Italian for the past 5+ years and I feel comfortable enough if I moved to Italy today.

  4. David is NOT your boyfriend. As an Alpha, David is your "BEAST" friend. Love your channel and Wednesday has an all new activity ,…Keep making these cool videos and I will continue to watch. YSC ! You're So Cool.

  5. honestly no matter what classes or course you take, the only way to learn a language fully, is to immerse yourself with its people and only speak Spanish with others for a while. Buena Suerte

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