Spain update day 90 – Spain tourism lobby fears the worst #Spain #travel

Spain health crisis day 90 and tourism lobby says that billions will be lost and a million jobs lost as people look for ‘friendlier’ and ‘more open’ countries.

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  1. Make sure your moving and take enough sun and eat some oranges etc and sleep good, drink enough water. if you have it just use some hydroqloroquine and zink unless your docter says you cant and everything will be all right for 99,9 procent of the people and indoors you can also use uv light or those ionisation machines for cleaning the indoor air, dont need to be a dokter to know all that although my wife happens to be one:)

  2. Wearing a mask puts you at risk because you are breathing in Carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen you are inducing a condition called Hypoxia a sudo hypoxic state not enough oxygen which puts your body into a stress situation which increases your Cortisol level which is a stress hormone which in turn affects your immune system and creates a sympathetic mimetic drive , This information is out there go check it out, we are being forced to wear a mask in certain situations so as soon as those situations are not applicable off comes the mask

  3. Nice work! Here in little old Denmark a couple of journalists wrote an article named the Corona Dilemma – the dilemma being that the lack of pollution was saving 8 lives and 16442 sick days yearly. I really wish that the brightness in the skies and the fresh air and the ozon layer fixing itself due to less pollution is a very big wake up call. Continuing as 'normal' is madness.

  4. I'm the UK people are nervous, I think this is understandable. This dreadful situation has caused depression and anxiety which I think has exacerbated our recent riots. We are still in the messy middle of this journey,the answer is to stay calm and be kind good luck to you all

  5. Garnering extra space for the schools could be handled with a combination of methods, such as:
    1. Convert mobile homes into classrooms, placed on football fields and playgrounds.
    2. Double shifts, with school time divided up so that half attend between 0700-1300 and the rest between 1300-1900.
    3. Non-standard weekly attendance, with schooling being something other than 5 days a week. (Could be a 2 days on, 2 days off, 3 days on, 2 days off, 2 days on, 3 days off schedule… which is a highly popular military shift schedule called the "Panama shift.")

    As for how you deal with COVID-19 cases coming into the country from tourists… test arrivals at the airport. Require, at the time of testing, that they provide an address/email where they will be staying. Require they isolate themselves there until the test results are in. If they are not infected, then they are free to enjoy their vacation. If they are infected, they are free to enjoy a quarantine until they no longer carry the virus.

  6. We are reassured by Spains decision to ask tourist to wear masks. We are definitely happier to go to a country who are actively trying to control the virus. Iit gives us confidence to visit a country we love.

  7. I would believe that one way of lowering unemployment would be to shorten the full time working week to something less than to what it is was before the crisis. That is more people sharing the same amount of work and people with a salary not needing to support as many people without a job. Do you think that Spain will consider something like that?

  8. Sorry "Spain Speaks" but re: the recent upsurge of covid cases brought from overseas – how did those people get here? No planes are flying anywhere? Please let me know.

  9. In Britain last year 2018/2019 over 45 k people died from one cancer alone lymph cancer , the world did not stop , you hVe to ask what else is going on , why do they want to bankrupt the countries ,

  10. Hi Stuart, you made a comment about people might not want to come to Spain in summer if they have to wear a mask. Has there been any indication how long the wearing of masks will last or do you any idea? That’s if the Brits are allowed i n of course. Great videos as always i never miss a one.
    DaveH UK ( a wet Newcastle)

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