Spain update – At boiling point #Spain #travel

Spain update and with extreme temperatures recorded in some parts of the country it is not only the political and health situations in Spain that are at boiling point

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  1. Most restaurants in Spain don’t make much of an effort for vegetarians to be honest. Lots of lovely Spanish dishes could be made vegetarian with the meat added for meat eaters. Bean dishes with pork on top, lovely soups with ham thrown in unnecessarily. Way too much meat consumed.

  2. Before you send your children to the vaccination centre think if you can about this:
    Lastest study published 5 days ago by the university of Liverpool says that the risk of children dying from Covid is extremely low, 2 deaths in 1 million
    And obviously those 2 deaths I imagine they are children with underlying health conditions

  3. Stuart, many vegetarians eat fish. From your comments you always seem to want to change all Spanish traditions, including their typical dishes. Fabada is what it is, if you don't want it because it has meat in it, ask for another dish. Spanish cuisine has a wide variety of dishes with and without meat. I have no complaints about it.

  4. As said in comment to another video, recently moved from Frigiliana to Poland, we were thinking we might be lucky getting out before the heat hit but its getting up to 35c here at times and we have crazy 'tropical like' storms most evenings, its insane!

  5. Say how are restaurants regarding Allergic reactions to food , such as peanut allergy? I have a grandson I would like to bring to Spain and was wondering if there are any current measures already in place in eating establishments for those with food allergies. thanks for the informative update videos' on Spain.

  6. Seems like we’re getting rid of most restrictions next week here in the uk.even though positive cases are still rising,travel is again possible it seems, we hope to visit Spain soon,our favourite spot being Mojacar.

  7. Interesting on meat products generally in
    food. It’s partly to do with education of restaurant operators to ensure there are true vegetarian options. It is not often the case the meat soup is a typical
    example. It’s not meat, though it’s made
    from meat? Ali mist like saying that cheese is not batería.
    A little odd.
    The daily updates are keeping us all up to date.
    Gracias Stuart

  8. Madrid does not have beach but has sierras, not one but two. Cercedilla is now at 15ºC, it takes about 1 hour to arrive there driving from Stuart's home and you can go higher and cooler from there. This is Guadarrama, the rich madrilian sierra. It's easy to arrive there using public transport. Then there is the "poor sierra", which takes half an hour longer.

  9. 40 years ago in the UK it was possible to buy a packet of Hedgehog flavoured crisps. People got very prickly about this believing real Hedgehogs were really being cooked up in the fat. Not true of course, but no good for vegetarians as flavoured with pork fat. Later the company Hedgehog Foods Ltd was taken to court on a charge of false advertising.

  10. What is it with this wearing masks nonsense, isn't it clear now that they make no difference, all of the trials conducted on them show this and the fact they have been in widespread use for nearly a year now and have had no effect should be clear to anybody.

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