SPAIN or PORTUGAL – Which Region Is Superior? #Spain #journey

SPAIN or PORTUGAL – Which Region Is Superior?

Spain is a democracy below a constitutional monarchy and is also the 14th largest economic system in the planet by nominal GDP. Portugal is recognised as a well-known spot for people from all over the planet. It is ranked as the most peaceful place in the EU and the 3rd in the planet. It’s Spain vs Portugal.

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  1. Thank you. I am moving to Spain but would like to spend some time in Portugal and Italy. I will be renting. Is there a good website that you would recommend for rental comparison? I will be staying in smaller towns, big enough to have a decent hospital and good veterinarian care for my babies

  2. i m moroccan, i ve been a tourist in both countries, portuguese are way more friendlier. for sure and willing to help and speak english, spaniards don't want to speak english, and tend to look down on tourists as whole although it's thanks to tourists money that many spaniards working in tourism sector directly or indirectly earn their living. spaniards are mostly keen on tourists money but not the tourists them selves. portuguese are the opposite. i don't generalize but the overall picture is very much close to this.

  3. Im portuguese,but i live in switzerland.i love both countries (although a lot of spanish people dont like portugal,because they say that portuguese and spanish are the same(which they are not))im proud of being able to speak 4 languages besides portuguese (portunhol(portuguese + spanish),french,english and german).the reason i am proud of being able to speak those languages is that i can help a lot of people,and if some people (tourist,swiss friends aso..) want to eat at my place i can always communicate with them.i am 15 but i can for sure cook something.

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