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Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Pretoria in South Africa, which was named after Andries Pretorius, a Boer strategies
who beat the Zulu.

Visit Pretoria in South Africa

Pretoria was named after Andries Pretorius, a Boer strategies who beat the Zulu. The first war between the English and Boer to get independence ended with the defeat of the English. But 18 years later, they had a decisive victory and they ruled all over the South African republic.

It’s interesting that the later prime minister, the young Churchan took part as a correspondent in the second Boer war. The sites of Pretoria remind us of the two wars even today. Paul Kruger was the respected President of the country between the two wars. In Church Wit, we can find the simple house where he lived for seven years. The entrance is guarded by two marble lions. The furniture looks as if the President had just stood from his desk.

In one of the rooms, the copy of the room in which he died during his exile in Switzerland has been furnished. Behind the house, a locomotive has been displayed that he traveled around the country in during his seven active years. In the street named after Kruger, we can find the red bricked church and the town hall with the Pretoria statues in its yard.

The brown statue of President Kruger has been placed in the main square called church square. Statues made in Italy stood in a store houses a secret for a long time. It was stood up only after the second Boer war. The square has always been a heart of the town. In the middle of the square, there’s a small church around which markets and auctions where held for long time.

In the square, we can find the palace of justice and the building of the old parliament with the clock tower. The peace agreement closing the English Boer war was signed into the Victorian building of Melrose house in May 1902.

Boer Trekker monument is six kilometers from the town center. The imposing work was made in memory of the battle of Blood River where the Boer beat the Zulu at last. Further way above forty kilometers from Pretoria, we can see premiere diamond mine which is famous because the biggest diamond of the world was found here.

It took cutters from Amsterdam two years to make the diamonds called the star of Africa and the smaller star of Africa from the 3,106 karat precious stone which belongs to the British royal crown. The crown can be admired in the treasury of the towel of London. In the main square full of life hawkers offer fast food for example boiled or roasted corn.

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