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Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Cape Town, the biggest city of Pretoria which is the capital of South Africa.

Visit Cape Town in South Africa

The South African republic is also called the country of rainbows because of its colorful and its unique natural beauties. Wild areas abundant in big game, beaches tempting for bathing, rocks rising into the sky, picturesque lakes and huge water falls make such a colorful tapestry that local women sell at the local markets. The area of South Africa has over one million two thousand square kilometers and it’s supported by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Two independent monarchies Lesotho and Swaziland are in set.

The country has forty two million inhabitants who can speak English, Africans, Zulu and eight other tribal languages. The capital of South Africa is Pretoria. Its biggest city is Cape Town.

Due to the history of city, there are Victorian and at worthy an area buildings as well as modern skyscrapers and shopping centers. The biggest and maybe the most beautiful building of Cape Town is the Good Hope Castle. The Dutch eastern India Company had the imposing pentagonal fortress with corner towers built in 1697 to protect the settlers.

The famous buildings of its city are the Nico theatre which includes the upper house, the town hall with its colonial style and the parliament located next to the company gardens. The oldest church of the country is Gruptek meaning big church built in 1678. The city lies on the relatively narrow rocky coastal passage between the board mountain and the sea. This is one of the biggest caves and has the most wonderful locations that I’ve ever seen and the first Sir Francis Drake in 1580. His ship was the famous Golden hinggle in which he was able to circle of the Cape now on display in London in one of the docks other of tens.

The harbor of Cape Town is one of the busiest commercial centers of Africa. It’s a busy place to receive unload goods. It’s located half way between South America and Australia. Its excellent location had been recognized by Portuguese, Dutch and English sea men centuries before.

In 1652 young Van Riebeeck and his small troop landed here to set up transit stations for sailors from the commission of the Dutch eastern India Company. In the area lived only push men until a small town is established. The ships were loaded with fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and fresh water and in the docks; the damages of the sailing ships were repaired. The growing town became a center of paper and textile manufacturing. They’re relatively small civic center is dominated by a Victorianier of buildings.

Along the lengthy avenues several green parks provide fresh air outside the historic city center, more and more skyscrapers and modern shopping centers are being built. The most colorful side of Cape Town is the green market square where you can find the market and the most pleasant is Company Gardens. The exotic flowers, artificial palms, fountains, blooming bushes and a local people picnicking make the parks of the city colorful.

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