#SouthAfrica #travel South Africa Travel Guide – Top 5 Attractions

Take a guided tour of the greatest travel attractions of South Africa – Kalahari Dessert, Winelands, Drakensberg, Kruger National Park, Cape Town.

I’d like to show you the top 5 attractions of South Africa.
Number 5 — Kalahari Dessert – home to one of the world’s most remarkable landscapes. Numerous animals call it home. It truly is a unique experience.

Number 4 — Winelands — Located close to cape town amidst great scenery. Rich fertile soil leads to highest quality wines. Beautiful buildings add to the appeal.

Number 3 — The Drakensberg — highest mountain range in South Africa. Of geological and ecological importance, you can also find a rare concentration of ancient cave paintings.

Number 2 — Kruger National Park – One of the largest Game Reserves in Africa. You can find all of the Big Five here. Nature’s beauty is in bounty here.

Number 1 — Cape Town — the city’s location is simply spectacular. Alluring table mountain provides an inspiring backdrop. And stunning beaches make it a world famous city.


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