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“I will GIVE Thee THANKS in the great congregation: I will PRAISE thee among much people” Psalms 35:12

Travel Date: September 24 to October 10, 2016

Places we visited:

Roodepoort Theatre (Watch Patmos Play)
Mandela Square, Pretoria
Vilakazi Street, Soweto
Museum Africa
Lion and Safari Park
Orlando Towers

First of all I would like to share my testimony before the travel. As a pastor’s daughter we met different families and believers around the world visiting our country, and mostly we’re the ones who accommodate them which became a normal thing to us. There’s this sweet and blessed couple Pastor David Gonzalves and his wife Sister Felisha who loves to travel and have fellowship with our brethren around the world. They have been in Philippines several times and when they do they stayed with us. They’ve always keep telling us to come over to South Africa, which is the “1st place to visit” in my bucket list, but found that it’s too pricey and my schedule probably can’t fit in. So one night my dad was chatting with Pastor David and he told us that he is sending his deacon to get the books that my father made. After that very moment, there came an IDEA in my mind telling “What if someone from here fly to South Africa and deliver all the books they needed?” So I guess that idea was given for me as a SIGN that this may be the right time for us to visit SA. Therefore we ask them if there’s any Convention, Youth Camp or Special Meetings on that week because I don’t want to travel just for TOURS only, because we long for a fellowship anywhere we go. God is perfect in His plan and SURPRISINGLY, there is a Youth Camp in Randfontein and a Special Meetings because The Third Exodus Pastor Vin Dayal with his son and some brothers from his church visited too, can you imagine how He already planned our ITINERARY? He is truly ALL KNOWING GOD, perfect timing! So we started arranging our papers, visa, work leave, trip budget etc. Yes! We had struggles getting the visa and looking for cheap tickets coz it goes UP and DOWN each day, but Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for He made all things beautiful in the His time. Finally we got there, savoring each moment, fellowshipping with the youth and believers from different churches, meeting new friends, hearing new songs, experiencing new things, learning other languages, trying their foods etc. and we want to give back all the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus by offering a special song each services for He has blessed us in such an amazing trip. I compile this video I took and I want to share everyone our experiences back there. Enjoy and be BLESSED!

Audio by:
Sinach – I KNOW WHO I AM
Bless Me Yo – Deborah Lukalu
(learned this song from South Africa)

Most people said I am so blessed and they think I’m so rich because I travel too much, by that I will let you know my SECRET:
John 15:7 / Philippians 4:19 / 1 Peter 5:6 / Matthew 5:6 / 1 Chronicles 16:18, 34 and more. Try to find your secret too!

Video taken by Me and my sister Jubilee Millevo
© Princess Faith Millevo 2016


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