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Johannesburg, South Africa – 2 June 1999
Mandela places ballots in box, crowd applauds, Mandela kisses wife
(Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi visit)
Cape Town, South Africa – 13 June 1999
The two men stand for national anthem
SOUNDBITE: (English) Nelson Mandela, Retiring South African President: “In many ways, our modest contribution in resolving the Lockerbie issue will remain a highlight of our presidency. No one can deny that the friendship and trust between South Africa and Libya played a significant part in arriving at this solution.”
Mandela and Gaddafi hand in hand
(South Africa’s new National Assembly has chosen African National Congress leader Thabo Mbeki to be the country’s next president)
Cape Town, South Africa, June 14 1999
Side shot of MPs clapping and singing
Wide shot of assembly
Close up of Thabo Mbeki
SOUNDBITE: (English) Constitutional Court chief Arthur Chaskalson: “I accordingly declare Thabo Mbeki duly elected as the President of the Republic of South Africa.”
Wide shot of assembly
Wide shot of assembly singing “Nelson Mandela”
Mid shot retiring President Mandela
Close up Mandela
Wide shot of Mandela, Mbeki, Speaker of House
Photo opportunity: Mandela and wife Graca, Mbeki and wife
(Mandela on new stamp)
Pretoria, Soweto and Johannesburg, South Africa – 23 June 1999, Recent and File
Pretoria, 23 June 1999
Wide shot graphic designer Thea Swanepoel working on computer
Midshot screen with Mandela design
Close-up screen showing Mandela design
Mid shot examples of first day cover
Johannesburg, 23 June 1999
Mid shot photograph of Mandela wearing mantel
Wide shot designs and photo
Mid shot design in artist’s hand
Soweto, 30 May 1999
Midshot Mandela and Mbeki dancing at rally

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