#SouthAfrica #travel A Tour of Soweto SOUTH AFRICA

SOWETO is the most populous black urban residential area in the country, with a population of around a million. Thanks to its proximity to Johannesburg, the economic hub of the country, it is also the most metropolitan township in the country – setting trends in politics, fashion, music, dance and language.
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Soweto’s origins go back to 1903, when Kliptown was established after authorities cleared an inner city slum on the pretext of trying to eradicate an outbreak of bubonic plague.
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June 16, 1976
Soweto exploded in violent riots on June 16, 1976, when schoolchildren took the struggle against apartheid into their own hands. Hundreds of children around the country died on this day, but South Africa was never to be the same again — the slow road to democracy had begun, culminating in the elections of 1994 and the established of democracy in the country.
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Tour guides
A tour of Soweto is a must for every visitor to Johannesburg. Here is a list of tour guides to the township:

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