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Dangerous Cities – Top 7 most Dangerous Cities in the World 2016 – Dangerous Places to visit

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, popular tourist destinations, is a city that is struggling with exceptionally significant crime rates.
People are vulnerable to mugging as it ‘s among most dangerous cities at night time, specifically for females.
Crime rates are high due to inequality among economic classes.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Ciudad Juarez is known as unofficial capital of Mexico for drugs.
Drug traffickers do anything they desire and are very violent.
Kidnappings of international tourists and people happens from residences, resorts and from the airport terminals too.

Peshawar, Pakistan
Considered among most dangerous cities in the world, Peshawar has very high crime rate.
With warlords and tribes combating for upper hand, the place is exceptionally dangerous, particularly for foreigners.
Concentrated assault and bombings on army and police is regular.

Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuelan capital, Caracas is known as drug traffickers city.
Theft and small crimes are common as law enforcement has no control over the scenario.
With law enforcement predominantly corrupt, Caracas is acknowledged as utmost violent destinations in the planet.

7 Most Dangerous Cities In The World [Dangerous Cities In World]

Baghdad, Iraq
Baghdad is suffering from very volatile political conditions as soon as American military forces started withdrawing from Iraq.
City’s infrastructure is ruined due to continuos bombings.
Citizens of Baghdad are suffering due to random gun fire attacks and steady suicide bombing.

Mogadishu, Somalia
Since 1991 Somalia has suffered from war and has been referred as the most volatile country in accordance to the Failed States Index.
There are countless numbers of armed forces checkpoints all through the city mainly because of the political instability.
You have to employ armed escorts for protection even for going shopping.

Kabul, Afghanistan
US intervention to rescue Afghanistan and its capital Kabul is proved to be unsuccessful, transforming Kabul as world’s number one unsafe city.
Hotels and embassies are common targets for bombing.
Opium poppy cultivation and drug trafficking have important role in the criminal, political and economic situation of Afghanistan for last twenty-five years

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Dangerous Cities – 10 most dangerous cities in the world.


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