South The us: Buenos Aires

South America’s most-European city will delight you with its lots of atractions. We choose you to a steak lunch and a steak supper on our 1st day, and wander in the pedestrian zone downtown. Tango dancers on stage and in the street shake items up.


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  1. One day………one day I'll go there, just so that I can eat from the best beef in the world.

    American's dry aged steaks are no where close to what the taste of beef in Argentina is.

    2015 maybe…..$4000 will definitely get me there, but if I win the lotto, I'd move there and good bye hormone growth fed cattle.

  2. Mr Callan, thank you for making such a great video about my city, but have to tell you that the places you went to eat are among the most expensive in town. Next time, make sure to ask the locals about small "parrillas" (steak houses) not that downtown located, which have excellent beef and salads for quite less of what you may have paid…

  3. Buenos Aires is a big city, it's better than santiago. and people are nice too. The food and the menu are so deliciuos. Buenos Aires has the most beautiful women in the world.

  4. omg you can totally see her ass at 1:44 pause at 1:44 you'll see her butt, omg you can see her fucking butt! jesus christ look at that ass

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