SOUTH AMERICA ROAD TRIP – 4 countries – Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru

During 1 month, I discovered South America with my friend Vincent. It was an incredible experience, amazing landscape, amazing people, amazing countries !

First we went to the South of Chile. We spent few days in Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt before moving to the magic city of Bariloche in Argentina. We did a lot af hikes in the moutains surrounded by beautiful lakes.
Then, we decided to go to the North, more precisely in San Pedro de Atacama. There we met 2 other friends and we did an amazing trip. First we visited the surrounding area : Valle de la muerte, valle de la Luna and the city of Atacama. Then, we did a 4 days trip in the desert. We slept at an altitude of 4500 meters, we saw beautiful landscape with our peruvian guide. At the end, we went to the famous Uyuni desert ! What an amazing place, no words.. We arrived just for the sunrise, fabulous. We finished this tour with the city of Uyuni and the abandoned trains.
After these great days, we crossed the border to go to Bolivia ! There we stoped in La Paz with this atypical organization.
Then, direction Titicaca Lake and Copacabana !! We wanted to go on the island named Isla del Sol for these amazing views. We weren’t disappointed !
After, it was time to go to Cusco in Peru in order to visit the famous Machu Picchu. We decided to catch taxis until Hidroelectrica and after we walked until Aguas Calientes. We woke up at 4 to be first at the top. It’s like everybody says : incredible ! We wanted to stay more and more but we had to come back to Cusco.
We planed to continue with Arequipa and the Canyon de Colca to see Condors and the second biggest Canyon of the word after the Grand Canyon.
Here is the end of our Road Trip. We came back to Santiago to take the plane, direction Paris !

Here is a summary of this August where we travelled through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru :

Puerto Montt — Puerto Varas — Bariloche — Pucon — San Pedro de Atacama — Uyuni — La Paz — Cusco — Titicaca — Copacabana — Arequipa — END

Musiques :
1. Lakechild – Diskostrand
2. Cape Cub – Swim – FlicFlac Remix
3. Fakear – La Lune Rousse
4. St Germain – So Flute – Mozambo Remix

Thanks for watching.


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