South Africa’s Langa Township Offers with “Poverty Tourists” – The Jim Jefferies Present

Jim heads to Langa Township in Cape City, South Africa, to understand about the community – and about the regrettable “poverty tourism” development.

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The Jim Jefferies Present is right here to shake up the humdrum system of the political late-evening present. Jim tackles the news of the day with no-bulls**t candor, piercing perception and a uniquely Aussie viewpoint.

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  1. Mbinda is particularly impressive for taking poverty tours and changing them into something that benefits everyone.
    Changing it into something that's like visiting friends was a stroke of brilliance.

  2. This looks like Paradise compared to L.A.
    Hey, Jimmy boy, after you're done editing, try showing people what's the situation in your "beautiful people" paradise.

  3. As a white person who lived in the lower 9th for a few years I can tell you how to blend in.don't see someone's skin as a characteristic of their personality. beauty is everywhere .it just looks different for people with different standards.

  4. South Africa, where killing LGBTQ people is a sport, where lots of conservative Christians from the USA go to help them pass “Kill The Gays” Laws! BTW, the tips offered at the end of this vid, I could offer to all those who trample my neighborhood in Boston Massachusetts, who seem to be the most selfish people both from the USA and other countries when they visit.

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