South Africa’s Farm Murders: Jeanine’s Story

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I don’t forget distinctly Jeanine mentioning that she would love legal suggestions. Her spouse and children are concerned for their lives, they really don’t know if her fathers assassin is likely to come back again for them at the time he’s released. If there are any legal authorities in South Africa or elsewhere who can offer you her any help, please get to out. Or if you would only like to mail her a kind information, I can ahead that as properly.

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On this journey we have been fortunate adequate to get aid from a group identified as the Suidlanders (or Southlanders). They are a civil defence drive making ready for peaceful help and defense of South Africa’s minority Afrikaner populace if any form of civil war or major federal government persecution breaks out. You can test out their web page and guidance them at

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  1. Unfortunately this is only the beginning of a long story to tell. While this story brings me to tears every time I watch it, it's hardly the most horrific to come in this series. Nor have the most shocking facts come out. More of her story will be shown in the longer documentary and more will be uploaded in the coming days. Thank you for your support everyone ❤️ send SA some love.

  2. Blacks and whites need to get to the place where they can forgive each other and move on for better future. They need to endeavour towards social justice for all irrespective of skin colour, after all there are all South Africans. Qualification such Black or White South African should be avoided. Some were guilty and some were not in both sides. Hope you reject revenge and see what is most benefic for your country.

  3. Crazy Scripts, get rid of the Monsters…! Maybe that is the Solution…!?! Also you need to ban this Woman, in my opinion she is painting South Africa in a Very Bad Light …….?????

  4. Once all the farms are taken over, and the country is fucked because it can't feed itself, these same people will want to come to the west for aid, and as migrants… there's some irony for you.

  5. Simple solution, all countries who have diplomatic ties and embassies in South Africa should walk out at once.
    At the same time, they should close all the SA Embassies in the foreign countries.
    NO financial or other help to SA.
    Let them see how far they come without the people who made SA a relatively
    descent country to live in. Period.

  6. So sad, another true tragedy! Really feel bad. Who programmed this war?!, …
    We are not putting an end to murdering eachother (white, black, blue, muslim, christian, jew, …), middle east is bathing in mankind blood, now south africa also starts the bloodshed, what an irony!!!

  7. This reminds me of my English teacher in collage, she was in south Africa with her family and working as a teacher. She helped Coloured African st children whilst her husband and hands run their farms. they had mixed raced children, they where attacked one day and forced to leave. My teacher through being in the uk, 3 years on has to have regular treatment on her knee's that was smashed in. .

  8. Now you can feel the agony black people have had over the years of slavery and apathaid,it hurts ,don't it white people?just a taste of your own medicine,u r simply paying for the sins of your past deeds

  9. Sad. Very sad. That could be me or my family. If it kills you, why still hold to it? There has been racial tension for centuries, why cant people sit down and share land? Why do Boer farmers from Europe own more than native Africans yet we know with the history of apartheid opportunities were not equal. Someone will feel aggrieved! They will seek whatever means for recourse. Whether we are 5th generation and have lived hundreds of years on the land, cant we appreciate that our forefathers did something wrong? How do we remedy that? Give some of your land away? In a perfect world no child should be punished for the sins of their father, but if the perpetrator continues to live in privilege of his fathers sin, and the wronged never gets his justice, the sons shall surely fight. Is it worth dying for your fathers sins when righting your fathers wrong is possible?

  10. So sad! What a fucked up world we live in. You will kick someone out because they are white? Isn't that reverse racism !!! I belief in one thing, if you do something bad to someone, karma will come back to haunt you. Example, Zimbabwe.

  11. This is nothing compared to what her grandparents did Africans 100 years ago! It was wrong 100 ago and it's still wrong today to kill and anyone no matter the color of your skin.

  12. What will most likely happen is they will redistribute the farms and land to black farmers,the black farmers will not farm responsibly,farms will grow up in weeds{It takes a lot of starch to be a farmer,long hours whether you want to or n ot} The country will become poverty stricken,folks will be asked to give of their hard earned money to help and all along it could have been avoided. Jealousy,covetness and theft are sins against God.thanks

  13. I do believe that the South African government has ordered that the white farmers be killed. They are the ones behind it all. The South African government is purposely going to genocide the white farmers. I say all the white farmers get out of there and just let the Africans starve .

  14. If your grandfather steals a car, gives it to you and you invest money into it to spazz it up but the police finds you with it, guess where the car goes back to. That's the law period. Stop freeloading and earn a real living like the rest of us. Overcome through hard work and dedication

  15. The only people living in South Africa at the time the colonists arrived was nomadic people on the east coast. No cities , farms or even permanent structures. The colonists did not murder people to start settlements. As far as black farm workers being killed by farm owners goes. For all we know those black people were killed for raping and murdering little girls. They do it today and you can't tell me that they didn't do it then.

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